Alone Together (Krewella Remix) – Fall Out Boy

September 14, 2013

Krewella at ultra
How can I not blog this? In their weekly free release series to get us all hyped for the premiere of their album “Get Wet” on September 24th, Krewella dropped this amazing remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Alone Together”. I had seen some footage of Fall Out Boy and Krewella together in studio and been intensely curious as to what they were up to. I guess this is part of an answer. But if you watch this clip, you’ll hear that this is a different song. I expect we’ll hear a full collab on “Get Wet”. They also confirmed a collab with Blink-182. Talk about hitting up nostalgia to make new music. Very exciting. My favorite part of this song is when Kewella chops and screws the vocals to make a synth hook. Not that that’s the only hook or the only synth in play. Krewella keeps their songs layered and fun and that’s what this remix does. Adding original vocals and synths, this remix attacks on several levels. It enhances the original hook with synths and creates a brand new drum and bass hook to go with it. Simply excellent, as per usual. Enjoy it!

Alone Together (Krewella Remix) – Fall Out Boy / Or from Krewella’s Website


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