Remix Face Off

September 13, 2013

One remix is great, but how about two? It’s not very often that the same song gets remixed by two different people, but when it does it’s always a treat! You can compare each remixer’s personal style, see how they approach the same song in their own way, and ultimately it means more good music to go around.

Girls' Generation

Today we’ll be looking at “The Boys”, a song from Girls’ Generation’s third album sharing the same name. This album happened to be an international release, and the title track was released in both English and Korean, leaving remixers with the choice of which language to work with. First up, we have another remixer to introduce, DJ Epitone. Epitone is closely linked to the dance scene, using his DJ skills and club banging sounds to make each of his productions something you’ll want to move to. With “The Boys”, he’s added a fast, exciting electric sound to go along with his vocally distorted chorus. If you enjoyed the style of editing in the remix that was featured earlier this week, this mix will be right up your alley. The ending is especially awesome! Although the link provided is of the English remix, Epitone also remixed the Korean version and I’ve embedded a music video for it.

The Boys (Epitone Club Remix) – Girls’ Generation / Or From SoundCloud

For the second remix, in a completely different style, Areia Creations offers their dubstep mix of “The Boys”. When this was first released, I was shocked. This was back before mainstream Kpop had begun experimenting with dubstep, and I hadn’t expected anything like this to ever come out. Surprising as it was, Areia made it work and it sounds amazing. Dark and dirty, this has got some sick drops and everything you’d want from a good dubstep song.

The Boys (Areia Dubstep Remix) – Girls’ Generation / Or From Mediafire

This series may not last terribly long considering how many instances there are of this happening, but I hope to keep it going for as long as I can! Let me know who you think wins this remix face off!


One comment

  1. I liked Epitone’s remix better. The dubstep is cool, but I like the more melodic sound of Epitone.

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