Feisty – Jhameel

September 10, 2013


Jhameel‘s Kickstarter campaign has closed successfully. Asking for $10,000, Jhameel raised over $12,000. Now that he and his team are done with this phase, they’re ready to start rolling out his album, “Lion’s Den”. Today he released “Feisty”, a single he had released a 30 second trailer of a month earlier. I fell hard for that 30 second clip, and now that he’s released the full song in its 3 minutes of glory, I’ve fallen even harder. One thing that really sets Jhameel apart from all competitors is his voice. I can pick it out from just about anywhere, and it’s incredibly seductive, full and compelling. I think Jhameel knows that his voice is probably his most powerful instrument because this song seems to be entirely voice-driven. At first listen, you might think that he’s using a mildly distorted synth and drum kit to back his vocals. But after listening to the song all the way through a couple of times I’ve decided that the synths are actually his voice, heavily distorted and looped, and though the drum kit seems to be there, Jhameel is doing most of the work by beatboxing. Jhameel is known for layering his vocals to harmonize with himself, but this takes it to a whole new level. The lyrics are a spin on the well-worn pop narrative of being stunned by seeing an attractive person. I enjoy the twist he puts on it for his hook: “looking like that / make a gentleman stare.” I’d like to have the lyrics in front of me before I critique them very much. I’m having trouble placing the setting for the song. Is he in the club, hoping this person will dance with him? I hope so, because I’d prefer that to the less palatable option that this is a catcalling song. Another minor complaint arises at the 1:08 mark when the EQ suddenly seems unbalanced. With those caveats expressed, I think it’s fairly obvious that I’m thoroughly loving this song. I hope you will too! Enjoy it!

Feisty – Jhameel / Or from SoundCloud

Bonus: Jhameel released the single at the same time he released the music video. With a song like this most male artists would take the opportunity to have a bunch of scantily clad female backup dancers. But whether it’s Jhameel being thrifty or not wanting to conform to exploitative tricks like that or perhaps wanting to remind us that this is music to dance to, he does something else. With a simple white background, Jhameel demonstrates that this is music he can dance to… with himself!


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