Midnight Rage – Jordan Bratton

September 9, 2013

Art for Midnight Rage
I’ve gotten some great responses to the last song of Jordan Bratton that I posted, “The Grey“. Well he dropped another single, “Midnight Rage” and it’s pretty great as well. I think his first song managed to start strong and stay strong all the way through. This one starts with some heavy and ominous bass, but his vocals don’t support this initial mood. So I think this song starts out a little weak but his engaging vocals take over and by the 1:57 mark, the bass drops out and his vocals shine for as much as they should. After that, it’s like the second movement, the calm after the storm. The bass is gone, replaced by strings. It’s beautiful. I probably would have preferred a whole song in the style of the second movement. But I also really appreciate the contrast between the two. Give it a listen, and tell me what you think. Jordan Bratton has released this song for free as well as on iTunes for 99 cents. So if you’re a fan, consider supporting him there.

Midnight Rage – Jordan Bratton / Or from SoundCloud



  1. I Love This Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Kid Has Something….. For Real, For Real!!! It’s Like Poetical Lyrics Matched To A Driving Musical Force!!! I’m Hungry For More!!!

    • Yeah, I’m certainly keeping an eye on him!

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