Growl (English Remix) – Chad Future

September 2, 2013

Chad Future

This week sees a bit of an unorthodox remix; rather than being a musical remix this is a lyrical one. What Chad Future does for his remixed work is, instead of changing up the background music and adding his own sound, he keeps the original instrumental and writes his own English lyrics for the song. He even makes his own music videos to boot! In his latest remix of Exo’s “Growl”, he brings his own lyrical flare to this slower, R&B feeling song. While I will admit the flow seems a bit odd in some places in the song in comparison to the original, that’s to be expected when there’s a change in languages. Still, he offers some witty, catchy lyrics and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t easier on the ears since it’s in English. For those of you looking to warm up to the sounds of Kpop without crossing that language barrier just yet, Chad Future’s a great place to start! If you’re interested in the original, you can find Exo’s “Growl” and other songs from their album “XOXO” at iTunes.

Growl (English Remix) – Chad Future / Or from SoundCloud



  1. Interesting remix concept! Must take a lot of work though

    • All music does. This style of remix is often how hip hop artists showcase their lyrical talents: by using a famous beat and putting their own lyrics on it for a free mixtape.

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