Dali (Original Mix) – Jetlag

August 22, 2013

Jetlag art
Together, Miguel Fernandez and Renato Marquez are Jetlag. For this original song, they enlisted the aid of the vocalist Moise and soprano sax player Luis Marquez. They build this song gently from suspended chords of guitar and synth. At first a simple beat accompanies the song but soon drops out to build atmosphere for the entrance of the gorgeous vocals of Moise. After Moise’s verse, the beat returns and the song gains a sense of traveling forward, onwards. This is a seven minute song, an epic in this day and age, and it is no accident. The song does not seem unduly long. In fact, it seems merely well paced. The song sooths the mind and time means a bit less in a trance-y sort of way. Announced by another dropping away of the beat, the saxophone takes its spot in the limelight for a time. This song is simply entrancing. Enjoy it.

Dali (Original Mix) – Jetlag / Or from Facebook


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