All of the People – Panama Wedding

August 20, 2013

artwork for Panama Wedding
You know what stuns me every time I think about it? The sheer amount and variety of music that exists. There’s no way I could ever even start to listen to it all. Thankfully blogs exist to help distill the raging river to a more manageable glass of water. I heard this track by Panama Wedding on the Burning Ear and fell in love. “All of the People” combines extremely staccato, vaguely summery synths with engaging vocals sparingly using harmony. This is one of the most cheerful takes on the experience of traveling I’ve heard in song form. It presents an almost childish excitement for not just the destination, but the journey itself. Even though the song does not treat only on this subject, it is the part that most sticks out to me. The song follows the arc of determining to leave, working towards that goal, and then finally reaching it, with the possibility of rinsing and repeating. The theme of interest in the people all around is sweet, a salute to people watching. The song comes together in a bright eyed and excited package. Give it a listen and see what I mean.

All of the People – Panama Wedding / Or from SoundCloud


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