A Rapid Burst of EDM IV

August 16, 2013

UV makeup - perfect for a rave
Happy Friday folks! I hope everyone has had a great week and has great prospects for the weekend. If those prospects don’t include EDM, allow to rectify that oversight. Here we go.

3rd Prototype‘s remix of “Apollo” hits all the right notes for me. It has gorgeous, gentle vocals, backed by a lovely house synth progression with an electro break down. It’s a well rounded track that keeps your attention. If you like what you hear, you should know that 3rd Prototype recently dropped a new EP, “Victory“. Check it out

Apollo (3rd Prototype Remix) – Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd / Or from SoundCloud

I’ve been enjoying SirensCeol‘s take on Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness” for quite some time now. I thought it was time I share it with you all. Following the chord progressions of the original, SirensCeol gives this track a heightened energy and a fun techno edge that it didn’t have before. It’s as catchy as the original with a playfulness that really adds to it. Enjoy it!

Fade into Darkness (SirensCeol Remix) – Avicii

Minnesota dropped this dubstep remix the other week, and it’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Minnesota. The track is well produced and engaging. The track is wobbly but sticks to a chord progression, not just indiscriminate dubstep. The song emphasizes the reggae roots of dubstep and the original song, which is always nice. Give it a listen!

Come Around (Minnesota Remix) – Collie Buddz / Or from Facebook

Hyperbits remixed Carousel. How could I say no to that? Starting right off with Carousel’s signature sweet, smooth, and gentle vocals, Hyperbits backs with simple piano chords which blossom into a standard prog house rhythm and triumphal synth lines which build in turn to rippling electro house synth domination. It’s an awesome ride. Hold on tight. Check it out!

Not Enough (Hyperbits Remix) – Carousel / Or from Facebook

I haven’t blogged any moombahton in an age or seven. But Vice put this remix together and got me jamming to it. Maybe it’s the entrancing vocal line; maybe it’s the hopeful synths; maybe it’s the lovely chopping and screwing; maybe it’s just been too long. Whatever it is, this track is pretty damn great. Enjoy it.

Down On Life (Vice Remix) – Elliphant / Or from SoundCloud

PRFFTT & Svyable came out with a track featuring Crywolf two days ago, and it is gorgeous. With a sparse opening of atmospheric synths and piano chords, the vocals begin. They seem fairly standard until the beat drops and the emotion picks up. As they sing harder and more passionately the beat returns and builds to a frenzy as bass wobbles along with the vocal samples. The song needs a breather after that epic-ness but they soon return to it. Check this song out!

We Are ft. Crywolf – PRFFTT & Svyable / Or from Facebook

Gazzo and Kalkutta teamed up to do a number on Miley Cyrus’s latest hit. I watched the original video with a sense of “meh”. That is something I absolutely cannot say about this remix. This remix is amazing. First they back her vocals with a synth I adore, stark and beautiful. This synth broadens and flattens out for the chorus and drops into a holding pattern in order for a crunchier electro house synth to come to the fore, leaving Miley’s vocals suspended and pulsing. This song is the song I want to dance to at every party. Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend.

We Can’t Stop (Gazzo X Kalkutta Remix) – Miley Cyrus / Or from Facebook


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