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Party Monster – Krewella

August 30, 2013

Krewella is ramping up to release their new album, “Get Wet”, September 24th. So to help us get the Krewella fever they dropped this bad boy for free. “Party Monster” has their signature vocals and synths but also touches on hardstyle, trap, and harder electro along with a heavily distorted commanding vocal sample. I’d say that they succeeded in creating a party monster. Keep an eye out as they drop a single every Wednesday every week of the countdown. Enjoy it!

Party Monster – Krewella / Or from Krewella’s Website


The Motions feat. Sampha (Vindata Bootleg) – Drake

August 28, 2013

I am one sleepy blogger, folks. I hope to catch up on my sleep tonight. I share this groundbreaking news with you, not on its own merit, but because it sets the stage for this song. Vindata turned Drake’s song “The Motions” into glitchy, atmospheric, and practically undulating track. In my current state of unrest this track sounds like it really understands my sluggish state of mind and decided to make art out of it. Vindata calls it both “future bass” and “future R&B”. I think these are pretty reasonable ways to describe the rapid staccato synths matched with flowing background synth chords and Drake’s R&B crooning. Do you agree? Give it a listen and report back.

The Motions feat. Sampha (Vindata Bootleg) – Drake / Or from Facebook


Mama Said Knock You Out feat. chief waKiL & DJ Megaman (Cheapshot Remix) – LL Cool J

August 27, 2013

DJ Cheapshot
DJ Cheapshot‘s remixes are always something special. I get very excited when I see that I have an email from him and it has been months! Today his remix is of LL Cool J’s famous song “Mama Said Knock You Out”. This is a great example of how good Cheapshot is at selecting tracks to play with. Filled with the power of the retro-hit, Cheapshot’s version adds a catchy piano line and a vocal “Oh-ah” hook. Along with claps and a drum machine for the beat, Cheapshot adds new verses that fit perfectly. So listen and enjoy it!

Mama Said Knock You Out feat. chief waKiL & DJ Megaman (Cheapshot Remix) – LL Cool J / Or from SoundCloud


Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – Sistar

August 26, 2013

Hi folks! I am a new author here, haptic! I have been given the opportunity to contribute to this blog and will focus almost exclusively on the genre of Kpop. Kpop, or Korean pop, is a stylized genre of music which encompasses not only their own unique style of pop, but rock, rap, hip hop, electro, and more recently, dubstep themes as well. They’re also widely known for the intricate choreography showcased in their music videos. So for those of you who don’t mind a bit of a language barrier, I hope to show you some gems from the Kpop world. In an attempt to keep with the theme of this blog, I’ll try to stick to remixes and (if I can find some) mashups. There’s only a handful of prominent remixers in the community though, so names will start repeating themselves eventually. That being said, since most of my knowledge is on the main groups themselves and not on the remixers, I will also be splashing in some original (nonremixed) reviews here and there.




For our first review, we’ll be looking at a remix from Areia Creations for the song “Give It To Me” by Sistar. The original song is the title track from the group’s second album, which shares its name. Areia Creations is a growing team that produces some of the finest electro and trance remixes I have had the pleasure of hearing. Their unique sound can turn any track into a club worthy song, and the latest Sistar release is no exception. What originally went along to stable piano beat and felt very much like a musical song (think Moulin Rouge, though that might be the MV imprinting its visuals on me) was transformed into something more upbeat and dance worthy. It still manages to retain the strong emotions conveyed through the lyrics. This song is about a woman who simply wants love. She cries every night yearning for love from a man who left her. Check out the MV below for a complete translation of the lyrics if you’re interested, just make sure captions are on and set to English! Overall this is a great remix and an enjoyable song, even if you haven’t heard the original. If you want to support Sistar or check out some other songs from the album, you can purchase them over at iTunes. I hope you all enjoy!



 Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – SistarOr from SoundCloud


Catch the Light – Rain City Riot

August 26, 2013

Rain City Riot art
Rain City Riot‘s latest track is yet another hit. It’s deep house, yet it’s funky. By raising the pitch of the vocals a bit, and potentially the BPM, the vocals are suddenly very different than their soulful origins. Added to the cleanly produced beat, and you get another great track. Enjoy it!

Catch the Light – Rain City Riot / Or from Facebook


Dali (Original Mix) – Jetlag

August 22, 2013

Jetlag art
Together, Miguel Fernandez and Renato Marquez are Jetlag. For this original song, they enlisted the aid of the vocalist Moise and soprano sax player Luis Marquez. They build this song gently from suspended chords of guitar and synth. At first a simple beat accompanies the song but soon drops out to build atmosphere for the entrance of the gorgeous vocals of Moise. After Moise’s verse, the beat returns and the song gains a sense of traveling forward, onwards. This is a seven minute song, an epic in this day and age, and it is no accident. The song does not seem unduly long. In fact, it seems merely well paced. The song sooths the mind and time means a bit less in a trance-y sort of way. Announced by another dropping away of the beat, the saxophone takes its spot in the limelight for a time. This song is simply entrancing. Enjoy it.

Dali (Original Mix) – Jetlag / Or from Facebook


Crazy Kids (Marat Leon Remix) – Ke$ha

August 21, 2013

Marat Leon
Born in Odessa, Ukraine, USSR, Marat Leon was raised in the US and immersed in the sounds of Euro House that his older brother played in the D.C. clubs. It is clear that this has influenced his musical rise to prominence in Baltimore. Released earlier today, Marat Leon’s remix of Ke$ha’s “Crazy Kids” is nearly flawless. Uniting a playful, tuneful synth line with a harder, banging electro hook, Leon made this song incredibly danceable while keeping the pop hook intact to attract dancers. This remix is worth paying attention to. Check it out and enjoy it!

Crazy Kids (Marat Leon Remix) – Ke$ha / Or from Facebook