Drumdrunk – FLWRS + MARALISA

July 9, 2013

A few weeks ago FLWRS and Maralisa released an EP entitled “Muddy Your Feet“. Longtime friends, these artists decided to collaborate on this EP to make some beautiful music. “Drumdrunk”, lyrics and melody written by Maralisa, features Maralisa’s luxurious vocals floating atop a cloud of vocal “ah”s while a downtempo rhythm, a healthy dose of reverb, and the occasional bass growl create a backing that is fitting and interesting without being obtrusive or distracting from the vocals. This is always a sign of a good collaboration. The artists report that:

Originally entitled Rhythm Boys, Drumdrunk is an account of Maralisa’s own experiences with musicians, and speaks to an audience of “ladies” beyond those involved in the music scene. Written within the privacy of her apartment over a year ago, she never intended for Drumdrunk to be released as any sort of production. The duo, however, found it exceptionally fitting for their first EP. Drumdrunk’s sassy lyricism, simple melody and vocal harmonies create an addictive hook that is supported by Emiliano’s heavy drum and bass.

FLWRS was amused to make this song because he himself has been a drummer going on 11 years now. Yet when he heard a rough demo of the song he loved it so much that it became the first track they made together. Enjoy the song and be sure to check out the EP here.

Drumdrunk – FLWRS + MARALISA / Or from BandCamp


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