No Angels [ft. Ella] – Bastille

July 5, 2013

Paying for music is great when it supports the artists you love. But it can get rather nonsensical when corporate interests conflict with national borders. Bastille makes amazing music and I like to support amazing music when I can. So it was infuriating to spend time today trying to give an artist money in exchange for their music and failing miserably. Apparently the vast majority of Bastille’s music can only be purchased from the UK. So if you’re from the UK, more power to you, get on that. But not willing to take “not currently in the US store” for an answer, I started looking for Bastille’s second mixtape, Other People’s Heartaches, Pt. 2. With a little help from the Kollection, I found a download and have been enjoying Bastille’s amazing mix of original content, remix, and cover that turns out amazing music. This song takes TLC’s classic “No Scrubs” and gives it the royal Bastille treatment. It’s a great song and a good way to get hooked on Bastille. You can download the entire mixtape here. Enjoy it and have a great weekend.

No Angels [ft. Ella] – Bastille



  1. Thanks for the link, interesting cover version. Bastille are indeed doing very well in the UK, album going down a storm

    • Yeah, they’re coming through the US and I think I’ll just go to the show and see if I can’t buy albums there.

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