That’s Alright (Silent Rider Remix) – Laura Mvula

July 1, 2013

Silent Rider took Laura Mvula’s song “That’s Alright” and gave it a different spin. Instead of the original jazzy background, big-band drum-line, and triumphant chorus of horns, Silent Rider creates a background of harp synths and piano with a clap-like percussion. The synths soon gain a dubstep-like rumble of bass to back Mvula’s chorus. The end result is moodier than the original, ominous yet beautiful. The lyrics are more interesting than many R&B songs out there today. Mvula is challenging stereotypes of people of color in the music business, challenging expectations of women in the music industry, and challenging norms of beauty. I can see why Silent Rider found the music intriguing and why they added drama of the bass to this song. The song is worth the dramatic import that the bass lends it, import that Mvula emphasizes with a more triumphal sound in her original. Check it out and while you’re at it, check out Laura Mvula’s original here.

That’s Alright (Silent Rider Remix) – Laura Mvula / Or from Facebook


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