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Stellar – Johnny Rain

July 31, 2013

Johnny Rain is back, singing another song of love and hate and emotions all muddled together in a beautiful mess. He is rather great at singing the anti-love song. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out Johnny Rain’s stellar previous work here. “Stellar” is backed by acoustic guitar and simple keyboard synths providing an atmosphere of intimate simplicity without sounding too bare-bones. The song is mournful, its hook making the compliment of stellar into a curse. Enjoy it.

Stellar – Johnny Rain / Or from SoundCloud


Perception – Franco-Hill

July 30, 2013

I’m a bit pressed for time today so I won’t go into great depth. But I will say that if you haven’t checked out the jazz/hip-hop fusion work of Franco-Hill, you should get on that. “Perception” is part two of their most recent album, “Vibrate Higher”. This track is a twenty-eight minute meander through jazz, hip-hop, sampling, and live instrumentation. It’s powerful, engaging, and subtle. If you enjoy this, be sure to check out the first half of the album and their mixtape “Bruce Wayne“.

Perception – Franco-Hill / Or from SoundCloud


Lost – Remedies

July 29, 2013

Remedies describe themselves as, “an experimental bedroom pop band from Birmingham, AL”. “Lost” is the second song on their four-song EP, “Inanimate”. It showcases a lovely guitar riff, an atmospheric synth backing, and pleasantly distorted vocals. The result flirts with shoegaze. Their claim to pop is supported by the enjoyable vocal hook that encourages humming along. The distortion seems to present the vocals distilled through cavernous echo-y hallways before reaching our ears. It’s like the singer has decided to sing with the band but only from a different room. It’s a rather beautiful effect. Enjoy it and check out the whole EP here.

Lost – Remedies / Or Download Whole EP from BandCamp


Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix) – ASTR

July 25, 2013

If you haven’t listened to the Chainsmokers in depth yet, you should. Their remixes are almost always flawless. Take this one for example. They take a song that was extremely cool in its original form and make it very cool in a different way. The original song was syncopated and a little minimalist. The remix ignores the old beat, making it fit a more regulated house beat and adding a gorgeous layer of synths which create an incredible hook. This track is magnificent in many ways. Listen to understand.

Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix) – ASTR / Or from Facebook


If We Really Try [Video] – Ashley Sofia & J. Lye

July 23, 2013

We at PaperMash are staunch supporters of J. Lye. So it’s good news to hear that he’s released a new song. “If We Really Try” is a collaboration with folk artist Ashley Sofia. Opening with summer-y guitar riffs and sweet vocals from Ashley Sofia, this song builds into a sweet love song between J. Lye and Ashley Sofia. The lyrics are adorable and earnest. The music video expands upon the story and features some great smiles. The song is available for purchase on iTunes. Now we look forward to hearing J. Lye’s new mixtape, “Behind The Lyes” and Ashley Sofia’s as yet unnamed album. Enjoy!


A Rapid Burst of EDM III

July 20, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s time to celebrate, to party again, and that means that it’s time for EDM. You know I’ve been saying that prog house is becoming pop and vice versa. Well the latest evidence of this is Selena Gomez hopping on the EDM train. However she says that her style is a cross between pop and dubstep and creatively calls it baby dubstep. Whatever happened to popstep? Anyways EDM is the new pop is all I’m saying. On to the music!

First up it’s my summer jam, remixed by one of my favorites, Tim Gunter. If “Dreaming” isn’t your summer jam yet, fix that. This is pretty much the original with a hyped up beat and a seriously dance-able synth-line. It should certainly get people into the dancing this summer. Enjoy it!

Dreaming (Tim Gunter Bootleg) – Smallpools / Or from SoundCloud

Viceroy continues the summer dance party with this Maroon 5 remix. There’s not a lot to say about this song. Viceroy is, surprisingly considering his name, the king of summer EDM. His music is always the sound of summer. He just evokes tropical sounds. Check it out!

Love Somebody (Viceroy Remix) – Maroon 5 / Or from Facebook

Next up is a remix of the indie sounds of Slow Skies by Hyperbits. This song rocks an off-beat synth line that emphasizes the vocals and the beat and really connects the listener to the song. It’s not just pop pleasure. It has an eerie depth emphasized by the distinctive vocals of Slow Skies. Give it a listen!

On the Shore (Hyperbits Remix) – Slow Skies / Or from Facebook

Now I’m not sure this is considered dance music yet, but it should be. 110 bpm remixes are hot and I think people would dance with intensity to this. Although it might be on the grinding end of the dance spectrum. Rain City Riot makes sexy music; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. And the cherry on top is the 2004 nostalgia. Enjoy this one.

Dip It Low (Rain City Riots 110bpm Vibe-a-Thon Remix) – Christina Milian / Or from Facebook

Now for some trap. But none of that boring trap. Only the best for you. Keys N Krates put together this awesome little number for our consumption. They prove with this song that even though producers use the 808s and trap trappings, the song can be interesting, fun, and original. Building around a whimsical vocal sample makes this song what it is. Check it out!


Now let’s bring it back to some prog house injected with a healthy dose of dubstep. KDrew remixed Zedd’s hit song “Clarity” and did a great job of it. By combining parts of the original hook with massive wobs, this song becomes outsized and exciting. Give it a listen.

Spectrum (KDrew Remix) – Zedd / Or from Facebook

Continuing the dubstep theme, Barely Alive dropped this intense track through edmSpotlight’s second installment of free EDM collected from up and coming artists. The song builds a prog house line up to a point where it with electro and dubstep. It’s a good party track. Check it out!

Spitball – Barely Alive

BONUS: Let’s take it back to the era of hands up. Hands up was always one of the more fun dance genres in my opinion and here’s a fun example of that from R-Boy and Sbbybangs. I miss these synths! Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Good Old Days – Shibbybangs vs R-Boy / Or from SoundCloud


Wanderlust – Snow Fox Apprentice

July 18, 2013

I love email submissions. Every so often I get something I’d never ever had heard before that’s just amazing. Snow Fox Apprentice fits that description. Hailing from the southern end of the Philippines, Snow Fox Apprentice makes nujazz, hip-hop influenced songs like this one. “Wanderlust” is the final song off of his debut EP, “Monogatari‚Äč”. Layered with piano, plucked string, snaps, and drums, this song sounds sweet and gives the sense of walking in great strides. Snow Fox Apprentice peppers the song with faded vocal samples that evokes a long distance call. The effect is stirring, nostalgic, and beautiful. If you’re enjoying this song, be sure to check out the whole EP here.

Wanderlust – Snow Fox Apprentice / Or Download Whole Album from BandCamp