A Rapid Burst of EDM II

June 28, 2013

You know what day it is folks? That’s right it’s Friday! But I’ve accumulated more EDM than mashups this week. So let’s bring back EDM lump posts. It’s no longer just dubstep, because that would get boring. I’ve got a great assortment of electronic dance music for you today. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

I have to start out with Redeye. This producer sort of came out of nowhere for me but every song they make is better and more intriguing than the last. On top of that they’re fifteen. Yeah. Redeye, like me, prefers to mix genres to make a more interesting soundscape. This track has elements of house, dubstep, and trap. Check it out!

Floaty (REDEYE Remix) – Tobes & Cylas / Or from SoundCloud

To follow that, here is some chilled out dubstep from Zeds Dead. They’ve stayed very true to their style, maintaining the slow, constant dubstep beat with oppressive bass punctuated periodically by piano and regretful vocals. It’s atmospheric and impressive, as usual. Give it a listen!

By Your Side – Zeds Dead / Or from Facebook

Koda & Dabin put together a free track for the edmSpotlight compilation and it’s pretty spectacular. It starts slow and atmospheric with only a piano standing out, then it drops into beautiful male vocal harmonies. After singing the hook, the song picks up and gorgeous bell synths edged with fuzzy wobbles give the song an ominous tinge. This is dubstep at its softest and prettiest. Enjoy it.

The Take Down – Koda & Dabin / Or from SpotlightEDM

Next up, a remix that SirensCeol made of KDrew‘s song “Circles”. This is a complextro track for sure. It’s filled with dubstep and electro synths that are far more chaotic than your average electro house track. The melodramatic vocals emphasize the over the top style of remix and pull the listener in to raise their heart-rate. Check it out!

Circles (SirensCeol Remix) – KDrew / Or from SoundCloud

Next up, an orignal track from PIXL. This one pulls electro and dubstep elements together in a compelling rhythm that is constant through the song. Give it a listen.

Emerge – PIXL / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s another fifteen year old producer. This one goes by MoonBeat. He puts together electro house music, like this song. And this is a good one to put on in the club to keep people moving. It’s dramatic and crunchy in all the right places and has a great hook. Enjoy it!

Violence – MoonBeat / Or from Facebook

As always, Ravi has put together a beautiful prog house song for us all to enjoy. Using his signature mastery of synths, Ravi backs some overwrought male vocals in a more cheerful manner than the lyrics suggest. I think it may impossible for Ravi to make a song that’s actually bad. For reference, Ravi was formerly Sex Ray Vision. Check it out.

Surrender (Ravi Remix) – Hook N Sling, Evermore / Or from SoundCloud

Dave Edwards has been making some amazing tracks lately. This is one of them. This remix of the Knocks plays up an excellent, yet simple synth riff that gives this song depth and traction in prog house circles. It’s catchy, with an indie flavor that just declares summer. Give it a listen!

Modern Hearts (Dave Edwards Remix) – The Knocks ft. St Lucia / Or from Facebook

BONUS: I also have to share this track from Redeye with you all. Starting off with some highly energetic drum n bass, this moves through other genres like dubstep and trap, while making it sound like the logical next step of the song. Enjoy it and have a fabulous weekend!

Prototype – Redeye / Or from SoundCloud


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