May 23, 2013

BKBROWN calls this genre Future Trap, and I like the label. The song is built from the ground up using 808s and the hood trappings of trap. But BKBROWN uses synths (or analogs) that sound very much like they belong in elevator music, though muted as if from a distance. The effect is neither lounge nor trap, but a lazy-lidded West Coast car stereo track. Worth listening to whether you like trap or not. Enjoy!

♥ – BKBROWN / Or from Facebook

BONUS: “2AM Drive” amps up the lazy car stereo vibe while easing up slightly on the trap trappings. This song emulates waves in the constant wavering of the main synth line. The song is incredibly simple in concept, yet evokes a large response with simple additions. The addition of a sample of rain really grounds the track in a setting, outside, while the pattern of the synth line places the song near a coastline. The simple constant sound fits with the song name, a feeling of solitude and speed. Check it out!

2AM Drive – BKBROWN / Or from SoundCloud


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