A Rapid Burst of EDM

May 20, 2013

Last week was finals, but now that is behind me, it is time to celebrate. I think that dancing and celebrating go together hand in hand, so I thought I’d share a roundup of electronic dance music that got me through finals. Without further ado, here’s the music.

Vonikk and Electrode put together this fun whirlwind of a song a week ago. The large reverberating synths provide a backing to the staccato synths and the more gameboy-sounding ones. On top of that, they add dubstep, electro, progressive house, electric guitar, and some practically eurodance synths together to build an incredibly complex soundscape with a very cheerfully compelling hook. Enjoy it!

Submarine (Original Mix) – Vonikk & Electrode / Or from SoundCloud

edmSpotlight brought together Monstercat, Tasty Network, and Trap and Bass to put out a compilation showcasing up and coming EDM artists from trap to house to more abstract electronica. Remixed by PIXL, Vicetone and Collin McLoughlin are showcased on a beat that edges between electro and dubstep. The vocals are enticing and the instrumental keeps the sound bouncy and edgy. Check it out.

Heartbeat (PIXL Remix) – Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin / Or from SpotlightEDM

Mayeda decided to remix Ke$ha’s song “Crazy Kids” because he hated the rapping but really enjoyed the guitar riff. As you might expect, he kept the guitar lines and ditched the rapping. Following the chord progressions that the guitar modeled, Mayeda adds a new prog house hook to the song. It’s danceable and ready to go. Give it a listen.

Crazy Kids [Mayeda Remix] – Ke$ha / Or from SoundCloud

Gent & Jawns were the duo that convinced me that trap was awesome back when they remixed Diplo’s “Express Yourself”. They’re back with an original trap track that holds to the genre’s criteria, yet somehow remains fresh and catchy, without any of the staleness that the formula seems to leave many other artists. Enjoy!

COCO – Gent & Jawns / Or from their Website

Next up, Candyland teamed up with Clark Kent to build an epic dubstep track. Opening with a quiet set of female vocals and an ominous yet muted backing, the song quickly builds in tempo and energy until the bass drops, and atmospheric house synths carry the hook. The dubstep bass is more of a crispy crust surrounding the softer broader sound of the song. Check it out!

On The Shore – Candyland & Clark Kent vs. Slow Skies / Or from SoundCloud

A little known EDM artist from the UK, going by Vails, came out in a huge way with the aid of Fool’s Gold Records. I heard this first on Pigeons and Planes and it hooked me immediately. This hard hitting analog bass techno track starts strong and does not let up. This is a track for a warehouse rave. Give it a listen.

Beaster – Vails / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: Here’s another one from the EDM Spotlight mix. Elliot Berger features Laura Brehm‘s vocals in this moody, massive track. Backed initially by gentle piano chords, the track builds with a simple dubstep rhythm. The song crescendos beautifully as the vocals begin luxuriously harmonizing. Focusing more on the beautiful house synths than the growling bass, this track flirts with dubstep without committing to its formula. If you feel like supporting the artists of the Spotlight mix, the album is also available on iTunes. Enjoy it folks!

Diamond Sky feat. Laura Brehm – Elliot Berger / Or from SpotlightEDM


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