Kids Music For Adults – The Polish Ambassador

May 7, 2013

The Polish Ambassador had today chosen as a special day for quite some time now. Today he released his album, “Ecozoic“, and that should be a pretty special day for anyone. But he had a surprise up his sleeve for all of his loyal fans. Unbeknownst to them, he had prepared a double album. While he had published a ten song track list and steadily released singles, he reserved eleven other songs to announce to the public on the day. As far as surprises go, this was a pretty great one for his fans. The Polish Ambassador let me in on the secret a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying his album since then. This is my favorite track of the double album. As the title of the song implies, this song is playful. It starts with a high, bright ringing sound, perhaps xylophone. Creating a cheerful hook, it is soon joined by a plucked-string instrument that may or may not be guitar, bass drum, and ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. Mixing electronic sound with sampled and analog sound, the Polish Ambassador creates one of the happiest songs I’ve heard without lyrics. Then about seven minutes in (yeah, this is a ten minute song) the song shifts gears completely, becoming a chill electronic song with reverb-filled vocals. Enjoy it and be sure to download the whole album here.

Kids Music For Adults – The Polish Ambassador / Or Download the Whole Album from BandCamp


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