Forgiveness – spazzkid

May 1, 2013

“Forgiveness” starts with a simple electronic riff that repeats a few times before a glitchy beat joins. The song builds lazily, every addition adding a new layer without cluttering the soundscape, fitting in seemingly without effort. This relaxed, glitchy track was put together by spazzkid. I heard this first on Pigeons and Planes, and it got me hooked on spazzkid’s sound. While this song seems to build with no intention to form a hook, it pulls together to form one with the help of 8-bit synths. Then suddenly the song shifts again, using horns. This amazingly complex song is riveting yet entirely relaxing. Enjoy.

Forgiveness – spazzkid / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: Here’s another track from the same album, “Desire 願う”, but this one is a bit dancier. “Loving Free” opens with repetitive set of chords that is joined by hand claps and transitions into a a track driven by those chords and claps, dominated by a xylophone and keyboard hook. This one also has airy, distorted vocals. The differences between these songs establish spazzkid’s range and style quite well. Check it out!

Loving Free – spazzkid / Or from BandCamp


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