Colors – Cris Cab feat. Mike Posner

April 8, 2013

How could I not blog this song? I’m a big fan of the pop reggae stylings of Cris Cab ever since his cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” blew me away. And I’ve been a fan of Mike Posner for ages too; you can find numerous originals and remixes of his work on this site. So to hear that they teamed up for a song is to download the song without listening to it first, trusting them to deliver consistently great music. And I was rewarded. “Colors” sounds like a Cris Cab song, reggae chords opening to back the verses and triumphant crescendos for the chorus. The addition of an electric guitar riff ties the song together and gives it a satisfying outro. Posner’s distinctive voice jumps on the second verse and together these artists sing a feel-good song about karma catching up with everyone. Enjoy it.

Colors – Cris Cab feat. Mike Posner / Or from Facebook


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