Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXIII

April 5, 2013

Friday. It means freedom. It means the end of the drudgery. It means a time of release. Here at PaperMashMusic we observe Friday by listening reverentially to mashups. Join us in our observation of this ancient holiday.

This day we celebrate for a long awaited song. Elocnep finally released a download for this funky smooth mashup of “Thrift Shop” and it is spectacular. Enjoy.

The Sly Fox Is Thrift Shopping Better Than He Ever Has – Elocnep / Or Download EP from Facebook

We give thanks with this Stylust Beats mashup. The funkiness is practically dirty with bass and it provides a energetic backing to the old school hip hop. Check it out!


Mashup-Germany shares this short mashup in contribution to the acknowledgement of the greatness of Friday. It is a good transition between funk and pop and the German rap gives it certain shine. Give it a listen.

Bilder im Kopf (Hör mal wer da hämmert) – Mashup-Germany / Or from SoundCloud

Reggae meets reggaeton in an inspired mashup from Jejah. The horns and shortened guitar echoes make quite the counterpoint to the rapid autotuned Spanish. Enjoy it.

Kuduro´s Darling (Don Omar feat. Lucenzo Vs Seeed) – Jejah

In another relaxing mashup worthy of Friday, Kosher Kittens sets rap to Modest Mouse. The slow guitar riff was turned into a beat by YouTube User JahiMakesBeats and Kosher Kittens takes full advantage of it. Check it out.

Screw Up at Large – Kosher Kittens / Or from SoundCloud

You know that song “I Love It”? I must confess that I don’t love it. But DJ Schmolli does such a good job mashing it up that I find it appropriate to appreciate Friday with. Give it a listen.

I Love Clarity – DJ Schmolli / Or from SoundCloud

It is time to end this ode to Friday, but that does not mean that our celebration will cease. 3lau put this track together awhile ago and recently decided to reassemble it more to his satisfaction. It’s rousing and danceable and every time that Krewella’s vocals rise to the fore, I am happy. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Guilty Pleasure (3LAU Re-Edit) -Paris & Simo, Wolfgang Gartner, Coldplay feat. Krewella & Pendulum


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