Catch (ENiGMA Dubz Mix) – Ed Geater

March 13, 2013

Well I’ve had a frustrating day. I’m sorry if the site has been down recently. I’ve changed some things around that should make it more reliable. ENiGMA Dubz dropped a remix yesterday that goes a long way to soothing my nerves. In an effort to help out a friend and musician, Ed Geater, reach 400 likes on Facebook, ENiGMA Dubz put out this remix of Geater’s song “Catch”. Then ENiGMA Dubz told all of his followers that he wouldn’t release a download link until Geater’s page reached 400 likes. It was very effective. Melding synths and drum beats with a song predominantly featuring acoustic guitar, ENiGMA Dubz maintains the dreamy sound of the original while enhancing the urgency and direction of the song. The song is relaxed and catchy and ready for warmer days. Give it a listen and chill out for at least four minutes and eleven seconds.

Catch (ENiGMA Dubz Mix) – Ed Geater / Or from SoundCloud



  1. Great write up mate, thanks for the post!

    • Always glad to hear your music and this one had some great material to work with!

  2. Thanks! Lovely review.

    • No problem! It’s a great track.

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