New Funk Millenium – The Polish Ambassador

March 11, 2013

The Polish Ambassador released this track last week. It’s the first song on his upcoming album, “Ecozoic”. It opens with a synth that I can only describe as a summons, reminiscent of a horn rallying an army. As the first song in the album, this is an appropriate way to start. This hook is backed by more traditional mid-range synths and a bass line, evoking the funk that the title implies. Part way through the synths become very reminiscent of electric guitar but distorted and smoothed out like a water droplet creating a smooth splash in a pool. Cowbell and ambient vocals enter to make the song more urgent. It’s wonderfully atmospheric and bodes well for the coming project from the Polish Ambassador. Enjoy.

New Funk Millenium – The Polish Ambassador / Or from SoundCloud


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