Superstar – L.E.D

March 5, 2013

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. It was a very busy and emotional day for my community. So today, let’s listen to something carefree. L.E.D, which must be easier to pronounce at first glance than her real name Elley Duhe (doo-way), made this song as a demo a while ago. As demos go, this is stellar. “Superstar” showcases Duhe’s stunning voice, the most amazingly dynamic pop voices I’ve heard in at least five years. You have to hear it to truly understand. “Superstar” is unabashedly a pop song, filled to bursting with light-hearted guitar, drum, twinkly piano, and great vocals. This is not just a stellar demo, it is a stellar song. With a little more production, her songs will be unstoppable. Enjoy.

Superstar – L.E.D / Or from SoundCloud


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