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Crushed (Original) – Redeye

March 29, 2013

Redeye makes popular styles of EDM using a very “liquid” style of synth. In this track, the fourteen year old producer combines trap music with a video game sound. I find it far more melodic and far less aggressive than most trap songs. It maintains the playfulness of the idea of 8bit synths making trap, yet is not reduced to simply being a novelty. Give it a listen.

Crushed (Original) – Redeye / Or from SoundCloud


Daft Punk – SNL (Basic Physics Remix)

March 28, 2013


So as you all may know, Daft Punk is coming back with their first album since they made the TRON soundtrack in 2010. It is called Random Access Memories and it will be released May 21st. I am so pumped. So far they have released two short clips from it; one aired as a fifteen second commercial during an episode of SNL, and the other is seven bars that can be heard at They both sound awesome. Since this is the internet, there have obviously been remixes of these short clips, but my favorite is Basic Physics’ remix of the SNL clip. Check it out, and get excited for May! (Side note: the song probably isn’t called SNL, but that’s what BP called it so I’m gonna stick with that for now.)

Daft Punk – SNL (Basic Physics Remix) / Or from SoundCloud


壊される – Yoroku Saki

March 26, 2013

If you’re looking for something chilled out, I have the song for you. Yoroku Saki makes dreamy downtempo music and “壊される”, or “Broken” as an echo-y vocal sample cries, is his most recent track. The song is filled with reverb and gentle synths. The percussion has no definitive end to an impact, blurring on until the next crack. Glitch-y clicks and claps join the air-y vocal samples and simple synths. It evokes a sleepy lack of urgency yet emphasizes a heightened drama. Give it a listen.

壊される – Yoroku Saki / Or from SoundCloud


We Got It Wrong – The Triads

March 25, 2013

Sorry for that mini-hiatus! I had midterms and managed to put them off long enough that it became a problem. But hey, despite the snow, it’s Spring Break now. Time to play something celebratory. The Triads fit the bill for that. Using a playful sample of St. Lucia’s “We Got It Wrong” and ending with a clip from Yelle’s “Que Veux-Tu”, this track has a crisp, catchy, and ready to go instrumental. This is no surprise when one knows that it was produced by Xaphoon Jones. On top of this bouncy beat, the Triads showcase their lyrical skills. This Greensboro, North Carolina, trio Deen Garba, 20, James Black, 19, and Shaheen Lashani, 19, demonstrate humor and cleverness as they rap. Enjoy!

We Got It Wrong – The Triads / Or from Mediafire


Solomon Samuel Simone [EP] – Raz Simone

March 19, 2013

Raz Simone has been ramping up to drop this EP for some time now and today is the day. “Solomon Samuel Simone” is a five song EP and can be downloaded in its entirety on Raz Simone’s music consistently combines interesting, thoughtful lyrics with instrumentals that, while catchy, don’t distract from the vocals. Every song is smoothly produced and mastered. I already posted his first single off of this EP, “Cold”. So here are two other songs that especially caught my attention. Remember to download the EP here.

Combining chill synths and steady drums, this track starts out quiet and reflective. The pace picks up as drums and vocals enter the scene. While still reflective, the lyrics add a nostalgic sense of ruefulness that makes this song as poignant as it is. The chorus emphasizes this, and gives an emotional and musical hook with vocal harmony and the little addition of saxophone. Enjoy.

Good Run [prod. Elan Wright] – Raz Simone

“Sometimes I Don’t” opens with guitar and the sound of low tech hand drumming. The track quickly adds a more modern drum sound to the percussion but keeps the stripped down simplicity of the opening. Raz Simone’s vocals in this track play up the roughness of his voice. His smoky voice is almost as alluring a hook as vocal harmony can be, so when combined, the hook is incredibly effective. Despite this, in “These Kids Throw Rocks”, he describes how people have criticized him for the scratchiness. But just look at Gorilla Zoe; people like scratchy voices. Listen and decide for yourself.

Sometimes I Don’t (ft. Sam Lachow) [prod. Nima Skeemz] – Raz Simone


Likwit (Cheapshot Remix) – Tha Alkaholiks

March 18, 2013

Cheapshot delivers a stunningly good remix yet again. Combining the old school hip hop of Tha Alkaholiks with tasteful modern production, Cheapshot keeps the roots of this sound by showcasing the lyrics. His new instrumental does not overly rely on modern synth-sounds but instead uses a piano riff backed by simple synths and drums. It sounds completely at home with the vocals yet is way smoother than the original. When they rap about getting funky, Cheapshot drops the beat down to just a bass. Appropriate. The production is near flawless. Enjoy it!

Likwit (Cheapshot Remix) – Tha Alkaholiks / Or from SoundCloud


Hope – Eddy B

March 15, 2013

Eddy B dropped the first track off of “HopeLess Act” yesterday, and it is everything I have been missing. With a very short intro of vocal “ooh”s, he jumps right into delivering hard-hitting vocals atop a back-to-basics beat: simple piano hook, bass, drum, and vocal “ooh”s in the background. Eddy B sings his chorus in a layered fashion that gives it a slightly harmonic sound. His verses are relentless, filled with shining vignettes of life, pain, loss, and determination. At the same time that Eddy B builds these crystal clear word-pictures, he fills his lines with clever referential lyricism. This is what I look for in hip hop. Give it a listen.

Hope – Eddy B / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: And here’s the video to go with the music.