Heart Attack (Ravi Remix) – Demi Lovato

February 27, 2013

Ravi, perhaps better known by the name Sex Ray Vision, dropped this remix today and I am delivering it to you all posthaste. Ravi calls this genre “popstep” and I think that’s a fair name for it. The original track is most definitely pop, but the remix is not just the standard formula of applying a dubstep drop to the chorus. This remix uses dubstep-y synths and chops up the chorus but doesn’t go over the top with bass wobbles the way that most brostep remixes tend to. The synths he uses are smoother and softer than typical dubstep synths, adding to the pop-ification of the song. As a song steeped in such pop traditions, it is very catchy. This would be a good party song to appeal to a less than hardcore set of EDM fans. It is a fun remix! Enjoy!

Heart Attack (Ravi Remix) – Demi Lovato / Or from SoundCloud


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