Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis

February 23, 2013

I cannot believe that I forgot to include this song in yesterday’s mashup post! I’m fairly certain I heard it right before starting to blog and thought it was amazing. When I realized I hadn’t blogged this brilliant mashup, I knew I had to fix that, and quick. Jimi Needles and Dmitri From London collaborated to put Kelis’s vocals on top of the Emotions’ classic motown track, “Best of My Love”. The RnB meshes effortlessly with the funk-y motown. This is one of the catchiest mashups I have heard in years. This song feels classic, yet exudes such an infectious enthusiasm that it is difficult to sit still. I had a merry time dancing about the room with my girlfriend to this song the first time she heard it. Enjoy the simple perfection of this song!

Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis / Or from Facebook



  1. I’m already going to love anything done with “Best of my Love”, and I’m a Jimi Needles fan. The song is pieced together well, I like how the percussive element of the vocals factors in. At the same time, the textures are so disparate… All is redeemed in the bridge – KICKIN’!

    Thanks for the +1 to my collection, Mashix!

    • I thought you’d enjoy it! Good!

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