E.V.O.L – Marina and the Diamonds

February 20, 2013

Marina and the Diamonds dropped this song for free a week ago. I love it when artists met with success do that. Giving out a free song is like giving back to the fans. And this is a great song. Based on a driving bass and drum line, I would classify this song as “rollicking” in the sense of swaggering and boisterous, if not carefree. On top of the incredibly catchy beat, Marina gets to show off her voice. She dominates with both her head voice and chest voice as she delivers very poetic lines about how easy it is to turn love to its reverse (evol, evil). One offhand line mentions a “murdered afternoon”, taking the common phrase of killing time and giving it an immediacy and import that can’t be ignored. And that’s just a line in the first verse. The hook sticks perfectly in your head the way hooks are supposed to. The song is well crafted and free, which is hard to beat. Enjoy it!

E.V.O.L – Marina and the Diamonds / Or from SoundCloud


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