The A Team (Remix) – Mike Posner

February 11, 2013

Remember Mike Posner? He’s still around and making beautiful music. To keep his hand in, and our ears tuned in, he’s been putting out some songs for free download. Ed Sheeran wrote “The A Team” a beautiful song about drug addiction and it’s accompanying problems. A few days ago, Posner released his remix of it, with original production by Posner and guitar by Jayson DeZuzio. Remix is a bit of a misnomer for what Posner is doing. This is more a of a cover of Sheeran’s song with a new arrangement and new lyrics. Posner’s synths evoke reggae piano but with a shiny synthetic sparkle to it. Posner sings all of the vocals and provides new verses of more heartbreak and drug addiction. When Posner brings in the chorus, guitars join the simple synth and drum beat. Posner exposes his pain at how he feels he abandoned a friend in need. The original of this song is beautiful, and so is the remix. Enjoy it.

The A Team (Remix) – Mike Posner / Or from SoundCloud


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