Party & Bullshit (Cheapshot Remix) – Notorious B.I.G

February 7, 2013

School’s back in session, so I’m getting hit with homework, which gives me little time to blog. But that just means I’m going to procrastinate on my homework a little more. Oh well. I’ll keep this short. DJ Cheapshot dropped this remix of Biggie a couple days ago and it is smooth. Adding synths that would be welcome in a prog house song isn’t enough to make a song prog house. While the synths might fit there, they follow a bass line that would not be out of place in a hip hop beat performed live on a bass. But with the synths, the sound is pretty cool. On the chorus electric guitar joins in. All in all, an excellent remix. Check it out!

Party & Bullshit (Cheapshot Remix) – Notorious B.I.G / Or from SoundCloud


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