You (Me) [EP] – the Two Friends

February 6, 2013

Any regular readers of PaperMash know the Two Friends, Matt Halper and Eli Sones (aka The Friendly Giant). I’ve been blogging them since they first started making music together. They’ve always been excellent. But they’ve grown a lot in the last year. They started out working on hip hop beats, and they were quite good at it. For those new to the Two Friends, check out “Do It All Again” and “Don’t Go“. In between original releases, they were quick to share mashups that were both creative and catchy (including mashups of Flo Rida and One Republic, Wiz Khalifa and Two Door Cinema Club, Fountains of Wayne and Bingo Players, and Third Eye Blind, Flo Rida, Matisyahu and Akon).

At the beginning of 2012, they started toying with EDM and their remix of Carousel swiftly attested to their aptitude for the genre. Halper tells me that by April 2012, they had decided to really focus in on progressive house. Their talent once again was blindingly apparent in their stunning remix of John de Sohn. And they’ve managed to do all this despite having parted ways for colleges on opposite sides of the US! Now they have exciting news. They released their debut EP for sale on BeatPort through Lovenest Records. The EP contains two stellar tracks: “Your Song” and “Feel Me”. Over the following weeks they will be releasing remixes from PrototypeRaptor, Moiez, Farleon, Spenca, Clark Kent, Gazzo, Prfftt & Svyable and more. I’ve heard several of these remixes already and they are fabulous, so look forward to them. Sones and Halper encourage fans of their music to buy these tracks, because they have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds to Sound Art, an LA charity that gives music lessons to underprivileged children. I rarely, if ever, blog music that you can’t download for free, but having followed the growth of these artists this far, I feel obligated. And it’s hard to argue with where they’re sending their proceeds.

“Feel Me” showcases soaring, heartfelt vocals from Priyanka Atreya. Her lyrics are longing and full of emotion, yet her first line is “Let’s tell lies…”. As she finishes her first verse the synths back down and a twinkling piano leads into gentle synths which crescendo into a more insistent treble hook, backed by a drum machine which is relieved by a unobtrusive, balancing bass line. The result is beautiful. It expresses hope, coupled with the unease that comes from ignoring consequences, a desperate hope to preserve the moment, a moment that might be too perfect to last. The Two Friends have firmly put their mark on progressive house. Enjoy.

Or from BeatPort

“Your Song” features vocals from I Am Lightyear, who uses an airier tone than Atreya. These lyrics are thoughtful but simple, comparing children and adults with a focus on the transition to adulthood, one that adults see as inevitable and one that just doesn’t matter to children. For a prog house track mostly driven by instrumental production, that’s a pretty deep subject to address. They do it well. This track is a bit more up-beat than “Feel Me”, with a hook that is playful (first sung by the children), yet thoughtful (then by the adults, nostalgic). It’s lovely.

Or from BeatPort


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