Thrift Shop Remixes

February 4, 2013

I started gathering remixes to “Thrift Shop” a month or so ago. Apparently this is the first song from an unsigned artist to hit number one since 1995. Macklemore should have the leverage to shop around for a label now, and good for him. As you might expect, there are tons of remixes of this out there. Not surprisingly, most of them are dubstep. But I’ve found some good ones that aren’t that aren’t. Let’s start this before I wait another month.

First off, let’s hear from Krayfa. This track starts off with a distant sounding version of the original, which might turn you off, but it shouldn’t, because when the bass line enters the field, the track is made. This track is self identified as electro and I would add that it’s a little slower than much electro, but that gives the song a certain swagger. The one point that I object to is the lead-in to the outro. While the outro itself is rather good, quick and fun, the track shifts into it abruptly. Check it out!

Thrift Shop (Krayfa Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Next up, DJ Dublenzio‘s version is firmly dubstep. It follows Krayfa’s mix in long bass synths to emphasize the track but Dublenzio plays about with a more dubstep-style synth kit and turns the track into a faster-feeling banger of a dubstep track with a bunch of change-ups in the beat to keep things fresh. Dublenzio adds house-y-er synths near the end to give track a very full feeling. Give it a listen!

Thrift Shop (DJ Dublenzio Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Free World Music gives this track a very different feel by increasing the pace. The synths that they use are practically eurodance, and as such they are incredibly satisfying and definitely dance-able. If the bitrate were a bit higher I would recommend this track to surprise people in a set. Enjoy!

Thrift Shop (Free World Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Psalmon put together a glitch-hop track from “Thrift Shop” utilizing some rather dubstep-y synths to flesh it out. He has some fun with the “cold-ass honky” line as well as the chorus. This track is glitch-hop but it’s fast enough to be dance-able and it would be some intense dancing, no doubt. Check it out!

Thrift Shop (Psalmon Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Or from SoundCloud

Grimenoceros took this song and went wild with it. If you’re not a fan of the more industrial side of EDM, this track might just feel abrasive. I recommend that you don’t use headphones to listen to this, the bass needs big speakers to balance with the vocals. On headphones I had trouble hearing the vocals at over the banging beat. But when big speakers are involved this track is ridiculously large. So give it a listen, preferably in its intended environment.

Thrift Shop (Grimenoceros Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Or from Facebook

Here’s a remix from SCNDL. With nice long beat intro, this track seems intended to be mixed into a set. This track is pretty firmly electro house. It’s faster than the original and keeps a pretty steady beat throughout. “Cold-ass honky” is the most popular line in this remix as well. Enjoy!

Thrift Shop (SCNDL Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Or from Mediafire

Mikael Wills made one of the more straightforward remixes. Instead of remaking this track in any particular genre, Wills amps the song up to the next level. The original is fairly faithfully maintained while a heavier hitting beat is added and a fatter bass line. He also adds a breakdown in the middle to showcase his added hook. Check it out.

Thrift Shop (Mikael Wills Bootleg) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Or from his Website

And finally here’s a version from TOKI. This track thunders under proper speaker consequences. This one is pretty gloriously glitch-hop with an emphasis on a hood bass beat with various samples of the original vocals throughout. It also features a synth that screams 2005 pop hip-hop to me, but for the life of me I can’t remember which song. Then it drops into a dubstep-y break down while the beat continues. This one is hardcore. Listen to it and enjoy!

Thrift Shop (TOKI’s Poppin’ Tags Since 89′ Remix) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: And now it’s time for the acoustic cover you knew was out there but didn’t feel the need to search for. There are probably several versions of this but I rather like Dan Henig’s version. It’s simple and sweet. Have a good one!

Thrift Shop (Cover) – Dan Henig / Or from SoundCloud


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