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No Lie (Cashmere Cat Edit) – 2 Chainz feat. Drake

February 28, 2013

Cashmere Cat gave Drake a way more epic backing than could possibly be expected of a Drake song. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Drake quite a bit, but I think everyone can agree that his hood cred is rather lacking. Cashmere Cat combines a chop n screw mentality with trap and some spectacular production. She doesn’t stick to the oh-so-popular 808 beats, but gives a far more interesting and maybe even analog sound to her beat. It’s chill yet intense. Enjoy this one.

No Lie (Cashmere Cat Edit) – 2 Chainz feat. Drake / Or from SoundCloud


Heart Attack (Ravi Remix) – Demi Lovato

February 27, 2013

Ravi, perhaps better known by the name Sex Ray Vision, dropped this remix today and I am delivering it to you all posthaste. Ravi calls this genre “popstep” and I think that’s a fair name for it. The original track is most definitely pop, but the remix is not just the standard formula of applying a dubstep drop to the chorus. This remix uses dubstep-y synths and chops up the chorus but doesn’t go over the top with bass wobbles the way that most brostep remixes tend to. The synths he uses are smoother and softer than typical dubstep synths, adding to the pop-ification of the song. As a song steeped in such pop traditions, it is very catchy. This would be a good party song to appeal to a less than hardcore set of EDM fans. It is a fun remix! Enjoy!

Heart Attack (Ravi Remix) – Demi Lovato / Or from SoundCloud


Royals – Lorde

February 25, 2013

I spotted this on Sunset in the Rearview last week and I’m very glad I did. From the very opening, with a fairly standard hip hop bump backing pretty female vocals, I knew this song was one to pay attention to. Lorde‘s music arrests my interest in the way she effortlessly melds genres into an eerie atmospheric sound that somehow manages to retain a cheerfulness to it. When the vocals begin singing in harmony the simplicity of the song stops being so evident. All I need to pay attention to are the vocals; the simplicity showcases them. This kiwi artist dropped an entire EP for free entitled “The Love Club” three months ago. If you like this track, it’s worth checking out the EP. Enjoy!

Royals – Lorde / Or from SoundCloud


Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis

February 23, 2013

I cannot believe that I forgot to include this song in yesterday’s mashup post! I’m fairly certain I heard it right before starting to blog and thought it was amazing. When I realized I hadn’t blogged this brilliant mashup, I knew I had to fix that, and quick. Jimi Needles and Dmitri From London collaborated to put Kelis’s vocals on top of the Emotions’ classic motown track, “Best of My Love”. The RnB meshes effortlessly with the funk-y motown. This is one of the catchiest mashups I have heard in years. This song feels classic, yet exudes such an infectious enthusiasm that it is difficult to sit still. I had a merry time dancing about the room with my girlfriend to this song the first time she heard it. Enjoy the simple perfection of this song!

Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXI

February 22, 2013

Goodness, has it really been a month? Well that certainly makes it time for a mashups post! Let’s get into it right away then. I’m celebrating my birthday today, and I’d like to have this posted before Happy Hour.

This song gets right into it, and so shall I. DJ Trademark showcases Neon Hitch’s distinctive vocals with a shining fanfare of prog house synths. As an interlude the song marches forward with an electro house riff. Enjoy it!

Get Lucky (Marco V & Jochen Miller x Neon Hitch x Fast Foot & Farleon x Christina Aguilera) – DJ Trademark / Or from Facebook

This track is quite a bit slower, but that won’t slow me down. Brian Kramer put together this epic, nine minute beauty of a mashup, centered upon Deadmau5’s “Veldt”. The smooth progressive house synths perfectly frame the popular vocals from Zedd and Foxes. Give it a listen.

Veldt Foxes (BK2K Bootleg) – Deadmau5, Zedd, Foxes / Or from Facebook

Moving along, it’s time to listen to the nostalgic strains of “Listen to Your Heart”. Broomestix gave the track a goose with some Dutch house sensibilities. While the DHT gets you on the floor, the house keeps you dancing. Check it out.

Listen to Timbuktu (Broomestix Bootleg) – Broomestix / Or from Facebook

Keeping the pace up, this song declares its house intentions with a moderately long intro. DJ Koyote then gives the real start of the song with catchy party chanting. Soon enough we’re back into the electro house territory with the instrumental. It’s a fun one. Enjoy.

Lets Get Wild (Koyote Bootleg) – Candyland, Deorro, Steve Aoki / Or from SoundCloud

This track starts like a Western, hooves clopping and guitar slowly twanging. Elocnep uses this intriguing intro to build swiftly into a song with a breakneck pace. The intensity with which Elocnep pulls these tracks into one song is stunning. Give it a listen.

Hold A Milli While You Pull Up Your Bonfire – Elocnep / Or from SoundCloud

The next song is not as frenetic but is driven and insistent. Reuben Keeney had a brilliant idea when he decided to combine Mord Fustang and Snow Patrol. Fustang’s instrumentals are almost impossible to beat and Snow Patrol has always been good at vocal hooks. Together it is a beautiful song. Check it out!

Shut Your Taito (Reuben Keeney Mashup) – Snow Patrol x Mord Fustang / Or from YouSendIt

And of course I’m finishing with a track from the master. Mashup-Germany always makes amazing mashups, and this is no exception. While it may be easier for DJs to use instrumentals from rap or house songs to pull songs together, that sometimes leaves out beautiful options from rock or indie songs. Mashup-Germany, ignoring convention, uses guitar riffs, handclaps, and piano lines to put together a beautiful mashup that combines Simon & Garfunkel with the Kooks, Vanessa Carlton, and more! Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Lazy Boxer & Naive Tales – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mega

BONUS: No one should be surprised that this happened. DJ Schmolli just thought of it first. Have fun with it!

Harlem Shake Gangnam Style (2013) – DJ Schmolli / Or from


Crew Cuts – Hoodie Allen

February 21, 2013

Crew Cuts

Hoodie Allen recently released his newest mixtape, entitled Crew Cuts. I wasn’t too much of a fan of his last effort, All American, but I am enjoying this tape. By far my favorite track is Cake Boy, a trap-inspired track with a more than healthy dose of sub-bass. Seriously, listen to this one with a good sub and you will be blown away.

Enjoy the track, and download the whole tape here.

Cake Boy – Hoodie Allen


E.V.O.L – Marina and the Diamonds

February 20, 2013

Marina and the Diamonds dropped this song for free a week ago. I love it when artists met with success do that. Giving out a free song is like giving back to the fans. And this is a great song. Based on a driving bass and drum line, I would classify this song as “rollicking” in the sense of swaggering and boisterous, if not carefree. On top of the incredibly catchy beat, Marina gets to show off her voice. She dominates with both her head voice and chest voice as she delivers very poetic lines about how easy it is to turn love to its reverse (evol, evil). One offhand line mentions a “murdered afternoon”, taking the common phrase of killing time and giving it an immediacy and import that can’t be ignored. And that’s just a line in the first verse. The hook sticks perfectly in your head the way hooks are supposed to. The song is well crafted and free, which is hard to beat. Enjoy it!

E.V.O.L – Marina and the Diamonds / Or from SoundCloud