Fvck around and Prolly fly – Mvstermind Einstein

January 28, 2013

Celebrating his page passing 500 likes, Mvstermind has dropped another track. As the title suggests, this song has very playful feel to it. Filling his rhymes with jokes, puns, and story, Mvstermind seems to really be having fun with this song. Not only are his lyrics fun, but he has fun with his vocals, adding bass distortion to echo him and higher pitched distortion to sing-a-long with him. Even the instrumental is playful, using high synths coming in and out to accentuate the bass and drums. At one point he almost goes acappella but instead of dropping the beat just gets rid of all the high- and mid-range. It’s highly effective in showcasing his riffs on what he’s accomplished and will accomplish by age 20, 21, etc. The title of the song probably also implies that he has confidence that he will succeed through experimenting, messing around. Enjoy!

Fvck around and Prolly fly – Mvstermind Einstein / Or from SoundCloud


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