Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LX

January 18, 2013

It’s been a while folks. But today’s a Friday and I have mashups to share! You’ll find that several songs recur. If you didn’t know what songs mashup artists have been getting stuck in their heads lately, this should give you a pretty good idea. Let’s do this!

First off, Mashup-Germany. Of course, who else would I start with? This track is fast pop meets funk added to electronic sensibilities and a hip-hop / R&B song. It’s whimisical and catchy as anything. Enjoy!

Rum and Skeewiff Bitch – Mashup-Germany / Or Download Album from Facebook

Next up a simple and unassuming track from DJ 21azy. He combines Passion Pit with Phillip Phillips, mashing up vocals with guitar, which is one of the trickier things to combine. It’s well worth a listen. Check it out!

Carried Home – DJ 21azy / Or from Facebook

Monsieur Adi recently dropped a couple mashups (and sort of remixes, knowing him). This one is chilled out and beautiful. It is mostly driven by Goulding’s vocals, with atmospheric synths and hints of guitar backing it. Give it a listen!

No Guns And Horses, Just Make Love – Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk, & Monsieur Adi / Or from SoundCloud

DJ C-Squared put together this lovely mashup a couple days ago. I think the best way to describe the union of the progressive house synths and the various vocals (from Foxes and Krewella) is *satisfying*. Everything fits. Enjoy!

Make Me Feel Alive [Porter Robinson x Foxes x Krewella] – DJ C-Squared / Or from Facebook

Here’s another arrangement of Foxes for you. This one is from the Jane Doze. Their version is a bit harder-hitting. I like the rage they add to back the vocals. Check it out!

Follow Running Foxes (Zedd x Foxes x Deniz Koyu x Wynter Gordon x Youngblood Hawke) – The Jane Doze / Or from Facebook

Here’s one from Broomestix. Porter again, this time with Cobra Starship. This one is a pretty simple A+B mashup but it is catchy and fitting. Cobra Starship’s instrumentals are a step away from EDM anyway. Give it a listen!

Make Language (Broomestix Bootleg) – Broomestix / Or from Facebook

DJ Kontrol hit a soft spot for me on this one. I’m not sure why, but I quite like Jeremih. Zedd’s track fits flawlessly in with Jeremih and the end result is pretty great. Enjoy it!

Birthday Stache (DJ Kontrol Bootleg) (Clean) – Jeremih vs. Zedd / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s one from Dan Salva. Parts of it are a bit rough but the aggressive trap beat mixed with Ke$ha is hard to pass up. And I think that’s our President’s voice narrating his book in there… Check it out!

Young Dank – San Dalva / Or from SoundCloud

And finally, “Momentum”. This DJ Tuto track has been in rotation on my playlists for the last few weeks. It is crisp, clean, and ready to smash the dancefloor. It doesn’t hurt that I already love the track “Sparks” that he pulls the vocal hook from.

Momentum (DJ Tuto Bootleg) – Michael Calfan vs. Matisse & Sadko (feat. Kate Elsworth, Matthew Koma, Heidrun) / Or Download Album from Facebook

BONUS: But wait! One more song! A yearworm from Mashup-Germany! It’s pop! It’s progressive house! It’s R&B! It’s Britney! It’s epic! It’s Gangnam Style! Have a great weekend!

Top of the Pops 2012 (Scream & Shout) – Mashup-Germany / Or Download Album from Facebook


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