Nimbus ft. AtM – Mvstermind Einstein

January 8, 2013

Mvstermind Einstein dropped a new song and that should make you pay attention. Songs from Mvstermind are consistently thoughtful and unique. Here’s what Mvstermind has to say about the new single, “Nimbus”.

This song is from my forthcoming album A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming) or “80-D” which is set to be released on February 29th 2013. The video is shot by the famed directing team; Louis Quatorze. The concept video, goes in depth of the song lyrics showing man’s journey of self awareness and finding life purpose. Together the lyrics and the video sends the viewer into the atsral existence of A.D.D.(Artistically Day Dreaming).

Pro and Con from AtM join Mvstermind to pull this song together. Together they tell a story of determination overcoming obstacles the world throws at them, of having enough confidence not just to follow their dreams but to find the power in that comes with dreaming them at all. The sound-scape they create is dream-y and abstract. The drums are determined, which keep the airy synths and background vocals from sounding unfocused. This is the kind of sound one would expect to accompany a higher plane or dimension in a movie. Check it out!

Nimbus ft. AtM – Mvstermind Einstein

And here’s the video. Mvstermind challenged me to interpret the artistic vision of the video and was very impressed with what I came up with.

And here’s my interpretation:
At first look, it may seem like the video just shows three friends wandering around. But I think that the video symbolizes life as an exploration. It fits that people explore with their closest friends, looking for things to investigate/learn/do. Using the strobing montage, flickering between the face of the person the video focuses on and their back – this evokes ideas of identity, future and past, what changes, what stays the same. Looking down at a huge vista, from a hill or mountain can represent confronting the future, either optimistically, seeing the beauty, or pessimistically, overwhelmed by the scale of what is to come, could come, could come against, is possible. The focus on each person in the video highlights specific parts of them as they explore. These parts of them may be vices they have struggled with or worked through, or maybe they are part of their identity that they claim with pride, or some combination – found, experienced, moved through as they explore/experience life. One (Con) carries beer as they go, drinking, as well as smoking – representing some relationship, positive or not, to substances. Another (Pro) picks up a playboy magazine (perhaps representing some changing relationship to sex and women). The last man (Mvstermind) picks up a sword and playfully attacks a tree/sapling with it, but soon the sword is bent all out of shape and the tree seems unharmed. This one’s harder to interpret. Does the sword represent violence? That seems unlikely because the way he uses it is so humorously/mock-seriously. I could see the sword representing words – Mvstermind’s craft. Perhaps in his exploration of life he picked it up playfully, but soon found how hard it was to use on the stubborn problems of life (that tree). But if it represents words, I’m not sure why he drops it and keeps going. The monolith pretty clearly represents dramatic change, evolution, etc. They reach it and when Mvstermind touches it (some epiphany, truth, or something becomes clear to him about his life or life in general) they all drop, stunned by its influence. When they begin levitating, that suggests they all are elevated from their past, that they have transcended their lives to date. I’m not sure about the glowing eyes. One person’s blue, one person’s red, and one person’s split, one red, one blue. Maybe I’ve misread, and each person in this video is another aspect of Mvstermind. Tell me what you all think!


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