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Around Us (Chainsmokers Remix) – Jónsi

January 31, 2013

I’m a fan of Jónsi, so my ears always prick up when I hear of a remix. I’m way backed up on my email, but this one caught my eye. The Chainsmokers put out this remix about a week ago and it is good. While it maintains Jónsi’s vocal hooks and practically ambient style, it brings some smooth EDM synths to bear. The track feels driven instead of airy. This track is atmospheric and dance-able, hard to do. Check it out and enjoy.

Around Us (The Chainsmokers Remix) – Jónsi / Or from Facebook


Hello (Candyland Remix) – Stafford Brothers ft. Christina Milian & Lil’ Wayne

January 30, 2013

Starting out with a piano line reminiscent of Carpenter’s “Halloween”, this quickly establishes that it is pop, not creepy. It’s interesting how pop has shifted over the past few years. Progressive house is basically pop now. The original of “Hello” consists of traditional female vocal hooks backed by traditional progressive house synths and hooks. It’s pretty standard and fun, with Lil Wayne thrown on top for good measure. So what do EDM DJs like Candyland do? They remix it by having a simple piano line start it off then draw on electro synths to make it a bit edgier, syncopate the beat a bit to emphasize the vocals, and drop the beat after each verse. All of this really emphasizes the vocals in a way that the original doesn’t. As a bonus, they make Lil Wayne’s verse fit the song, so it doesn’t stick out like it does in the original. It’s very well done, as I am coming to expect from the Candyland DJ duo. Enjoy!

Hello (Candyland Remix) – Stafford Brothers ft. Christina Milian & Lil’ Wayne / Or from Facebook


Sweet Talk (KJ Hines Remix) – Kito & Reija Lee

January 29, 2013

KJ Hines dropped a new track yesterday. It’s a remix and wow is it good. EDM and grime synths meet with a crisp and catchy vocal hook and a heavy hitting backbeat. Hines lays down some excellent verses on top of it, fitting with the original lyrics and working with them. The result is stunning. Apparently KJ Hines was listening to Pandora when this came up and he decided he had to make remix. I approve, and now I’d like the station. Now I have to look up Kito and Reija Lee… Check it out and enjoy it!

Sweet Talk (KJ Hines Remix) – Kito & Reija Lee / Or from Facebook


Fvck around and Prolly fly – Mvstermind Einstein

January 28, 2013

Celebrating his page passing 500 likes, Mvstermind has dropped another track. As the title suggests, this song has very playful feel to it. Filling his rhymes with jokes, puns, and story, Mvstermind seems to really be having fun with this song. Not only are his lyrics fun, but he has fun with his vocals, adding bass distortion to echo him and higher pitched distortion to sing-a-long with him. Even the instrumental is playful, using high synths coming in and out to accentuate the bass and drums. At one point he almost goes acappella but instead of dropping the beat just gets rid of all the high- and mid-range. It’s highly effective in showcasing his riffs on what he’s accomplished and will accomplish by age 20, 21, etc. The title of the song probably also implies that he has confidence that he will succeed through experimenting, messing around. Enjoy!

Fvck around and Prolly fly – Mvstermind Einstein / Or from SoundCloud


Billy The Gent, Dillon Francis & Kito ft. Reija Lee – Bass of Hearts (5 & A Dime Bootleg)

January 24, 2013


And here we have a bit of Moombahton! We’ve heard about 5 & A Dime before on this site, but I must say that this is my favorite 5&AD track so far. I love moombahton, and I think it deserves far more recognition than it gets. Dillon Francis is one of the masters, and this mashup is pretty spot on; if I didn’t know the original tunes than I probably wouldn’t be able to tell it was a mashup at all. Check it out!

Billy The Gent, Dillon Francis & Kito ft. Reija Lee – Bass of Hearts (5 & A Dime Bootleg)


Take The Sky (The Two Friends Remix) – Slap The Bag & Mapp ft. Katie Pearlman

January 24, 2013

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Two Friends, but they’re back, with a nice progressive house remix. They bring progressive house synth lines to play on this song, giving it a hook I prefer to the original. The vocals are pretty but can drag at points, and the Two Friends address this with strategic breaks to showcase their synth skills. It’s quite a fun song, and I look forward to hearing more from them. Check it out!

Take The Sky (The Two Friends Remix) – Slap The Bag & Mapp ft. Katie Pearlman / Or from Facebook


Love Me To Death – Jez Dior

January 23, 2013

Jez Dior dropped this track a couple weeks ago. It’s a dark one, all about depression, substance abuse, and a lack of love. The lyrics are well crafted and delivered with clear emotion. The guitar riff mixes with a thumping beat that comes together beautifully and drops out into a simple, slightly sad piano line. The hook is vocal with a hint of autotune and is unbelievably satisfying, the resolution to the verses. This is my favorite track from Dior yet. Enjoy it.

Love Me To Death – Jez Dior / Or from SoundCloud