Rising Higher Feat D.Bridge x MVSTERMIND – Royale Luxx

December 24, 2012

So I’m writing this from a Mac borrowed from my mom. No offense to Mac users but I really miss my PC. Oh well. I finally got an FTP client up and running so I could upload this! Mastermind Einstein sent me this track on Friday, but I’d returned my rental computer at that point so today is the first chance I’ve had to listen to it. It’s great. This is a collab with D.Bridge and Royale Luxx. I love collaborations. Each artist can really bring their A-game and have a chance to shine and contrast with their peers. It really gives the opportunity to make an epic song. This song feels like a travel song. The drum beat is very resolute about pressing on, along with a bass synth gives a sense of marching. This is supplemented by some simple usage of some sparkling synths. The vocals are well mixed, with panning vocals to emphasize some words. The hook is beautiful, the lyrics are clever. This is an all around top notch track. Check it out.

Rising Higher Feat Dbridge x MVSTERMIND – Royale Luxx / Or from SoundCloud


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