Climax (Usher Cover) – Mike and Cody

December 6, 2012

First off, sorry there have been no posts since Saturday. That night my house got broken into and my laptop was stolen. But I have a rental laptop and now that I have all my programs up and running, I thought I’d post something. Mike and Cody can always be counted on for quality music and this is no exception. They take Usher’s music and make it theirs. This cover is in such a radically different style that it would be easy to forget that it’s by Usher. Using their signature mix of funky synths, beautiful vocal harmony, and more traditional live instruments, Mike and Cody build distinct movements into this song. It even has a saxophone solo. This is definitely worth a listen or three. Enjoy it!

Climax (Usher Cover) – Mike and Cody / Or from Bandcamp

BONUS: And here you can see them in action.


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