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United States of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter) – DJ Earworm

December 31, 2012

Happy New Years
Well it’s New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to review. It’s a night to reminisce over the past year and look forward to the next. Here at PaperMashMusic we do this by looking back at music. DJ Earworm has been making mashups of a year’s top songs for five years now. This means that using this year’s “yearworm” to look back is now a tradition. And this year turned out pretty great. This may even be my favorite yearworm yet, certainly it’s the best since 2008. This one maintains a uniform instrumental that is not entirely based upon drums. Melodically it gels together far better than previous years. That may mean that the Top 25 have gotten even more similar, but as far as that goes for the mashup, it’s a good thing. This track has been out for a couple of weeks, but when better to share it than today? From everyone here, have a Happy New Year!


Aaliyah – Katy B x Geeneus x Jessie Ware

December 28, 2012

So you’ve probably already heard this one, but if not, get on this. Katy B dropped a free EP entitled “Danger” a little while back. It’s all quality work, but “Aaliya” is definitely the cream of the crop. Utilizing a synth line reminiscent of a grime beat, this song starts strong and gets stronger as vocals enter. The chorus is catchy enough for any pop diva. Enjoy it!

Aaliyah – Katy B x Geeneus x Jessie Ware / Or Download Whole EP


3HUNNA (Gent and Jawns Bootleg) – Chief Keef

December 27, 2012


Looking at my recent posts, one may ask the valid question: will he ever post anything other than trap again? Well I am happy to announce… uh, not today. Gent and Jawns have gotten some facetime on this site before, but I am digging this 3HUNNA remix more than I thought possible. The original, by Chief Keef manages to be everything I hate about rap music, but this remix makes the beat a thousand times better, and manages to make the lyrics absolutely hilarious. Check it out.

3HUNNA (Gent and Jawns Bootleg) – Chief Keef


Come and Lie – Jhameel

December 27, 2012

Jhameel dropped this lovely Christmas present for us all to enjoy. Utilizing synths that fuzz and blur together at the edges, Jhameel creates a beat that feels like a warm blanket to wrap about our shoulders. Then he proceeds to croon sweet possibilities to us. He sings gently, turning up his vocals so that his quietest voice is easy to hear through the music. When he sings, even the music pauses to listen to his signature high notes. This is a beautiful one. Enjoy.

Come and Lie – Jhameel / Or from SoundCloud


Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Mariah Carey

December 25, 2012

Merry Happy and all that jazz. Remember Mariah Carey? Soulful pop vocals and impressive range? Well Cyril Hahn takes that signature sound of her voice and takes it down an octave or two. Then he adds gentle bell synths to a chilled out beat and background bass. This track is super chill. If you’re watching the snow fall or listening to the rain fall or just want something laidback, this is your song. Enjoy it.

Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Mariah Carey / Or from SoundCloud


Rising Higher Feat D.Bridge x MVSTERMIND – Royale Luxx

December 24, 2012

So I’m writing this from a Mac borrowed from my mom. No offense to Mac users but I really miss my PC. Oh well. I finally got an FTP client up and running so I could upload this! Mastermind Einstein sent me this track on Friday, but I’d returned my rental computer at that point so today is the first chance I’ve had to listen to it. It’s great. This is a collab with D.Bridge and Royale Luxx. I love collaborations. Each artist can really bring their A-game and have a chance to shine and contrast with their peers. It really gives the opportunity to make an epic song. This song feels like a travel song. The drum beat is very resolute about pressing on, along with a bass synth gives a sense of marching. This is supplemented by some simple usage of some sparkling synths. The vocals are well mixed, with panning vocals to emphasize some words. The hook is beautiful, the lyrics are clever. This is an all around top notch track. Check it out.

Rising Higher Feat Dbridge x MVSTERMIND – Royale Luxx / Or from SoundCloud


Lumos (Original Mix) – Manu El Chino

December 21, 2012

Alright, last final today. I should be studying, but instead I’m doing the good work of sharing awesome music. I spotted this track over on The Burning Ear, and wow is it good. Manu El Chino calls this track Progressive House but I think that it has transcended that title. It certainly doesn’t use the formula we’re used to in prog house. This track wobbles about to get its hook across, not that it uses bass wobbles, just staccato synths rounded out enough to blend a bit as they go back and forth between notes. Practically grime-y. It’s a very cool effect that I recommend you listen to immediately. Enjoy it!

Lumos (Original Mix) – Manu El Chino / Or from Soundcloud