Happy TrapGiving!

November 21, 2012

So I’m headed out to the homeland for a celebration of cultural imperialism and thanks and stuff. But that means I might be too busy celebrating conspicuous consumption by overeating to blog the rest of this week. If that is the case, I’d like to leave you with a bit of a lump post to chew over. So without further ado, I thought I’d drop some trap for you all.

Trap is all over the place these days, and people who like to complain, complain that DJs these days ignore much of its roots in Southern Hip-Hop. Sure they’re right, but that’s what happens when something goes pop, and that’s exactly where trap is headed. I like when genres can pull from so many places under on banner. Yellow Claw and Yung Felix are definitely pulling from reggae, dub, hip-hop. It’s one of my favorites, simply for the part (about 0:54) when the vocals suddenly transform into a synth. It has the potential to be annoying but I find it mesmerizing. Enjoy it!

Jah No Partial (Yellow Claw & Yung Felix Remix) – Major Lazer / Or from SoundCloud

If you need an example in the extreme of genre mixing, here you have it. CRO¥DON pulls J-Pop into the trap movement (or is it K-Pop? I’m thinking J, but I sure ain’t sure) with the help of some snares, hi-hats, and bass. The sheer incongruity of this remix makes it fun. I don’t think you’d get much cred in the South with this, but it could be a fun party track with the right crowd. Give it a listen.

つけまつける (CRO¥DON x KNEEGAUZE RENOODLE) – きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s one where the remix culture that DJs love (as do certain bloggers of free-to-download music) comes to the fore of trap songs. I believe Grandtheft labeled this remix “shoegaze trap” which has a certain ring to it, despite Crystal Castles, Robert Smith, and trap in general having little to do with shoegaze. But you can definitely pull shoegaze elements out of the quieter moments of the song and the bass and 808s pull this track inevitably toward trap. Check it out!

Not In Love (Grandtheft Edit) – Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith / Or from Facebook

Keys N Krates remixing Zedd, gives trap a whole new spread of musical genre to draw from. Zedd provides a pop dubstep element and Keys N Krates are known for their work in the moombahton community. Trap has definite links to moombah and I expect that a trap set could follow a moombahton set inspiring a ton of enthusiasm among the dancers. Spotted on the Music Ninja so you know it’s good.

Follow You Down (feat. Bright Lights) (Keys N Krates Remix) – Zedd / Or from Facebook

Here’s very EDM based take on trap from Zooly. I absolutely love all the vocal samples that add texture to this track. The synth sounds very inspired by Dutch House but is very clearly being used in the airhorn style that is favored in both hip-hop and rave communities. Together with bass and 808s the track is undeniably trap. Altogether this is one of the trap tracks that holds the appeal of being cool both at a party and on your car stereo. Check it out!

Shake That Ass – Zooly / Or from SoundCloud

Last up we’ve got a track from Luminox. Luminox uses synths common to EDM scenes but arranges it in a very hood-hop style. I would even say that this is could be considered a trap anthem simply from the way the track demands your attention. Heard this over at Robot Dance Music and wow am I glad I did. Hands down this track deserves the label “epic” and the use of your speakers. Enjoy and have a good week!

Leisure (Original Mix) – Luminox


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