Mercy – Tobacco Pat

November 19, 2012

Tobacco Pat released his latest album, “Clemintinum” last week and it’s really quite cool. Since I haven’t introduced Tobacco Pat on the site before, I thought I’d let you read the little blurb he likes to share.

Tobacco Pat is singer-songwriter Logan Farmer from Jacksonville, FL. His music has been described as Southern Gothic Folk, with veins of religious imagery and sonic experimentation.

I think the label of Southern Gothic Folk does a lot to cover the emotions that Tobacco Pat’s distinct sound evokes. In “Mercy”, he uses a dark sample (which sounds like looped vocals to me but it could be a synth line) in a very simple repetition to build a portentous background. The sound evokes a choir or an old organ but also a skipping record. Compounded with the evangelical opening sample, the song gets a down-South feeling that has nothing to do with Country and Western, and everything to do with noir and the darker, seedier side of life. Tobacco Pat’s vocals on this track perch gently upon the music and croon a request to “remember, remember this…” I find it hard to find a clear story in the lyrics of this song, but I think that Tobacco Pat enjoys evoking and suggesting as opposed to outright showing and telling. Themes of judgement, love, and, surprise, surprise, mercy, run through the song. Enjoy the song and be sure to listen to and download the new album.

Mercy – Tobacco Pat / Or from BandCamp

BONUS: And here’s one of my favorite tracks from Tobacco Pat’s previous album, “God Moves on the Water“. “Lawrence Weber” showcases the folkier side of Tobacco Pat. A simple backing drum leads into slow guitar strums and the story of the fictional hero. It’s beautiful and haunting. Be sure to check out this album too and enjoy.

Lawrence Weber – Tobacco Pat / Or from BandCamp


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