Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LVIII

November 17, 2012

It’s time for mashups, folks! Excited? I am. I have some great tracks to share with you all. So, without any further ado…

First off, yes of course, it’s another mashup from Mashup-Germany. I’m not even sorry. This one is about a month old but man is it good. I love the little things that Mashup-Germany works into his tracks. In this one the catchy German rap gets a fun bonus with the addition of Eminem saying “Hi kids!” in a pause. Gangnam Style is worked in as a very small part, not central as every other mashup artist ever decided was necessary. It’s clever and catchy. Check it out!

Meine Zeit (Die Young Gangnam Style) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

DJ Trademark starts this mashup abruptly, right in the action. But as it develops, it becomes hard to complain about that, because the mashup just gets better and better. Robyn’s section is perfect and Ke$ha’s song slides in flawlessly. These songs match without so much as a complaint. Give it a listen.

Missing Piece (Leventina x Katy Perry x Robyn x Ke$ha) – DJ Trademark / Or from Facebook

Now this is a mashup I’ve had in my “To Blog” playlist for months. D.veloped is another mashup master, as you should know. This track dropped 8 months ago but it’s still relevant. Basing a track around Dillon Francis’s “IDGAFOS” is a wise move because on its own, that track is entrancing. Chopped and mashed by D.veloped it takes it to another level. Enjoy!

IDGAFOS (D.veloped Extended Edit) – Dillon Francis / Or from Facebook

Loo & Placido have been making music for ages, but I only recently found out that they have a SoundCloud I can follow. They mastered the art of the mashup ages ago, and here’s some slightly more recent evidence of that. In this track they take Stevie Wonder and give him an industrial reworking. Check it out.

Super Power – Loo & Placido / Or from SoundCloud

The Hood Internet are known for their oddball mashups, and this is no exception. The TNGHT sample verges on the border between annoyingly repetitive and engaging in this song, but I think that it builds to a point where it’s just epic. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Goooo In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West vs TNGHT) – the Hood Internet / Or from SoundCloud

Rage Cannon has some hit or miss mashups for me. This one is definitely hit. The track is ambient and beautiful and syncopated. I like the way that a TLC sample is hinted at throughout. Very chill. Relax to this

Groove (XXYYXX x Skorpion)[RAGE CANNON Bootleg] – RAGE CANNON / Or from SoundCloud

DOSVEC dropped this four days ago and wow is it good. I don’t normally go for mashups that go from song to song without creating a system of musical repetition (pick this chorus to be repeated, etc.), but in this case I love it. The songs complement each other enough that it feels like a musical version of assonance. The backing track unifies the whole in a fascinating way. Check it out.

IX – DOSVEC / Or from Facebook

And to finish this set off, take a listen to this mashup from the White Panda, new this week. Wale’s track is a classic and makes for a good mashup, but the backing track is superb. The White Panda matched these songs flawlessly and really add something to the soulful hook by backing with the electronic glory that is Sound Remedy. I think this is the first time I’ve seen White Panda use Sound Remedy, but I hope that this partnership could lead to beautiful things like joint shows and remixed mashups. Enjoy and a have a great weekend.

Let’s Go On A World Tour – the White Panda / Or from SoundCloud


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