Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LVII

November 2, 2012

Goodness gracious, it has been a while. Too long. And whose fault is that you may ask? Well mine, it’s mine. But who are you to cast the first stone of blame? I guess since I’m talking to myself, I have every right to throw stones, as long as they’re boomerang shaped. Well… on to more musical things! Here we go!

Let’s start with something light and tropical-sounding. That’s fitting right, since we just had a tropical storm or something? Or have I misunderstood the term? The Hood Internet succeed yet again at placing very popular music in an indie background. This has such a different sound to it now, it’s mind-boggling. For those that are too cool to listen to pop tracks, but still want to, this is your cool avenue. Check it out!

All Neu Everything (Ne-Yo x Pitbull x Clive Tanaka) – the Hood Internet / Or from SoundCloud

Following the previous indie rock influence, DJ Bahler adds Local Natives to more pop-y tracks. I like adding vocals to Wolfgang Gartner; it gives a real sense of completion to it. Give it a listen.

Helios & Hypnos – DJ BAHLER

Starting out quiet, Rage Cannon soon raises this to wobbling heights of, as you might expect, rage. Gramatik should be used in more mashups – he’s so versatile. The label “rework” suggests that someone had the idea for this mashup already. Rage Cannon, whether he had the idea first or not, certainly knocked this one out of the park. A melodic hook and all your brostep needs in one. Enjoy!

Illusions of Circles (Gramatik x KDrew) – RAGE CANNON / Or from SoundCloud

N3AKO starts this track out in the typical house fashion, with a longer than necessary, annoyingly repetitive intro. But then the track drops into a section of building background synths framing an almost overwhelmingly powerful yet beautiful set of vocals from Maja Ivarsson. Thus far, Autoerotique has done all the work of remixing, but when the track drops into electro heavy dubstep, the mashup takes over. Check it out.

Tonight’s Aftershock (N3AKO Bootleg) – Felix Cartal Vs. Schoolboy / Or from SoundCloud

DJ Trademark takes the energy down a little with an intro featuring One Republic, but swiftly brings it back in a build into a triumphal progressive house instrumental hook. Throughout the build, pop vocal hooks are thrown around like candy. It’s a very satisfying track. Give it a listen.

City Of Dreams (Dirty South & Alesso) – DJ Trademark / Or from SoundCloud

Kap Slap has dropped several great mashups in the last few months that I haven’t gotten around to blogging, but this one is probably my favorite. Maybe I’m a sucker for the pop-y formula of “Good Time”. Maybe it’s just the pure (sounds filtered, may be natural, I suppose) quality of their voices. Together with a really uplifting prog house track, Kap Slap has the formula to get me happy. Enjoy it!

Starships Stay Good (ft. Hard Rock Sofa & Squire, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Nicki Minaj) – Kap Slap / Or from SoundCloud

I’m sorry for the two “Good Time” mashups in a row, I was blown away by how much pop this contained. I think this isn’t the first attempt to combine these tracks, and I suspect it isn’t the last. But Mike Ross combined these flawlessly in my opinion. No flourishes, no distractions, just two of the most popular songs of the year, together at last. I’ve heard horrible attempts to combine these, so I was blown away by the seamless meshing of these songs in Mike Ross’s version. While I expect this could be topped by adding more songs (and probably will in the inevitable yearmixes), the pure combination has an extra novelty value. Now if he could do this using “Call Me Maybe” instead of “Good Time”, the track would be unstoppable. As it is, this mashup got me through midterms. Check it out!

Good Time Gangnam Style (MikeRoss Mashup) – Owl City ft. Carly Rae vs Psy / Or from ZippyShare

How could I blog mashups without including Mashup-Germany? I couldn’t, that’s how. Here’s yet another reason why. Stilller flawlessly incorporates some of the most popular indie and pop songs with some older school alternative and rock. United by a backing from M83 this track practically glows with mashup goodness. Give it a listen!

I’m coming home – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

I’ve been getting into trap a lot lately. I was at Wolfgang Gartner / Bloody Beetroots show last week and the best song the opening act dropped was a trap song. Prior to that experience I had no idea you could dance to trap outside of the head nodding from your car venue. Well you can. I recommend you try it out with this Koyote bootleg. Good lord is it satisfying. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Reload The Trap (Koyote Bootleg) – Tommy Trash vs Sebastian Ingrosso vs Alex Young vs The Hi-Yahs / Or from Facebook


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