Self Appreciation Day – Mastermind Einstein

November 1, 2012

“Say it with me. You’re. F*cking. Amazing.” Nice to hear right? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something from Mastermind Einstein, so if you don’t remember, refresh your memory here. Einstein dropped this track on October 24th, a day he tells me is “Self Appreciation Day”. As you may know, I’ve been running quite behind here, so it took me a good week to get to this track. But I like it. It’s a very nice song to hear for everyone who may have doubts about their own self worth. Remember to take the time to appreciate yourself as a human every so often. Mastermind’s background is oddball and travels from sound to sound and from left to right on the speakers. The sound that this results in alludes to the space and computer age but retains an essentially friendly aesthetic. The lyrics back up the friendliness that the beat offers and reminds us that every one is a human and as such deserves respect. So take a minute to appreciate yourself and enjoy.

Self Appreciation Day – Mastermind Einstein / Or from Bandcamp


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