Gangnam Style (Coming in Static Remix) – PSY

August 20, 2012

So a friend asked me to play “Gangnam Style” by PSY at my next party and it got me wondering what kinds of remixes were out there. So I started mining SoundCloud for the best. Here’s one of my favorites. Coming in Static takes the song and keeps about one verse and the chorus then adds a ton. Heavy drums and some heavy bass added to a chopping and screwing of the track makes for some pretty epic breakdowns. Where the original is something you have to do the horse prance dance to, this one you can bob your head to and feel cool. By the way if you haven’t heard the original, you should. Enjoy!

Gangnam Style (Coming in Static Remix) – PSY / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: A little background for those of you who are confused. PSY is a South Korean pop/rap artist. “Gangnam Style” is crazy popular there and its popularity has leaked to the rest of the world via the internet. I think of this song as the South Korean equivalent of “Party Rock Anthem”. The video that comes with the song is ridiculous and showcases some pretty fun looking dancing based around horse riding… And as I said, if you haven’t yet seen the original, you need to fix that. Allow me to help.


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