Sky Is Born – Radical Something

June 14, 2012

I love it when I discover new music in my email. Radical Something is a band that I feel I should have heard of already, following their successful EP “No Sweat” which hit #6 on the iTunes “Overall” charts. Thankfully their manager corrected this oversight of mine via email. You can easily hear that these three guys are from California in their laid-back sound. This track is chill and happy in my favorite way. With summer-y guitar strumming and catchy vocals, this track clearly has 90s alt rock and reggae influences. I’m definitely throwing this track on a playlist with some Sublime, Luce, the Expendables, Mat Kearney, and Sugar Ray. It comes as no surprise that Radical Something has played with Slightly Stoopid, Asher Roth, and SOJA. This song is the first in a 12 week series of the band releasing a new track every Monday. The high quality of this song makes me eager for the rest. Give the song a listen and I think you’ll agree. Enjoy!

Sky Is Born – Radical Something / Or from their Facebook

The series is called #SummerOfRad and here’s the video announcing it. The teasers of the songs sound excellent to me.


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