Suit Up – Arpetrio

June 6, 2012

I really hope this song was inspired by Barney Stinson. The title certainly was. Arpetrio put together an amazingly diverse set of influences in making this song. I’ll let them explain their style a little before I get into it.

Arpetrio consists of guitarist/keyboardist Alex Mindermann, Bassist Trent Little, and drummer Wes Taylor. The combination of raw creativity with years of classical training has allowed this band to push the envelope more and more. Arpetrio combines the precision of a DJ with the vivid expression of a live band creating an unparalleled fusion experience. The pulsing bass beats combined with the technology of laptops and sophisticated production tools, result in the finest elements of jam, electronica, jazz-fusion, trip-hop, and psychedelic music.

This track is the first song off of their EP Triggology, which you can listen to here and download here. I think this is also my favorite of the five songs. It combines a lovely guitar riff with electronic synths, drums, drumkit, and even some dubstep synths. It’s everywhere without being all over the place. Check it out, and I know you’ll be impressed.

Suit Up – Arpetrio / Or download entire album from Topspin


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