Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LV

June 2, 2012

I started this post yesterday but got sidetracked by meeting up with friends. And today relatives are descending. So it will be a little shorter than usual but I will share these today. Mashups, here we go!

I love guitar openings in mashups. It makes them feel more accessible. Mashup-Germany is a master of accessible mashups. This easily sweeps into the familiar chorus of “Save the World”. Check it out!

Whistle World – Mashup-Germany / Or from SoundCloud

Let’s continue with DJ 21azy and a party song. This is a little slow to be a pump up track but it’s a good cool down track. It’s always good to have a compelling cool down track because you want to give the dancers a reason to stay in the game but you don’t want to exhaust them too soon. Give it a listen.

Spaceman’s Finna Werk It – DJ 21azy / Or from Sharebeast

Doug Bogan delivers a fun, pop filled mashup to get the crowd moving a bit faster. I love the Wolfgang build in this. It’s so catchy. Enjoy!

Can’t Stop The Climax – Doug Bogan / Or from HulkShare

Want a fun drinking song? DJ Kontrol delivers. With the help of simple funky sax background this track becomes way more catchy than one might expect. Very fun. Give it a listen.

Drink Rattle (Lil Jon & DJ Kontrol Mash) – Lil Jon f. LMFAO vs. Bingo Players / Or from SoundCloud

Let’s slow it down with a chill mashup from Cut + Paste. The piano backing makes the song that much more mournful. As it raises to a prog house section it becomes almost triumphal. I think all pop music should use prog house, but that’s just me. Check it out!

Beautiful Children – Chris Brown vs Robert Miles / Or from SoundCloud

The Hood Internet dropped this awhile ago with their mixtape, but I’ve really been jamming on it these past few weeks. The mellow beat really fits well with the style of rapping. Enjoy!

Fuck With Mo’ Money – The Hood Internet / Or from SoundCloud

I love Childish Gambino, but I don’t usually like mashups using him. In this case however, I make an exception. Stylust Beats really gives Gambino a backing worthy of his flow. The funky and, dare I say it, fresh, backing fits Gambino’s rhythm and energy like a glove. Give it a listen, and I think you’ll agree. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Let Me Dope You (Stylust Beats Mashup) – Two Fresh vs Childish Gambino / Or from SoundCloud


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