A Few Extra Wobs

May 29, 2012

Some nice pretty lights

Well, it’s been too long. I’ve been busy lately, but I’ve built up quite a collection of fun wobbley tracks to share with you guys in my absence! I know it’s not Thursday, but I think we can always enjoy some hard bass. So here goes dubstep mania!

First track up is not particularly new, but it has not been posted on here yet and I think that’s a damn shame. It’s a very enjoyable remix from our friend Zomboy. Well I’ll have you know, <hipster> I was into it before it got hot! </hipster>

Hot Right Now (Zomboy Remix) – DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora

Next we’ve got a remix of SKisM‘s Rave Review, which I find absolutely hilarious. The sound clips were used pretty well in the original. While this version doesn’t focus as much on the satire of making the song out of the scathing comments, it hits much harder than the original, leading to a killer drop. Also, for some reason I’m sucker for needlessly explicit drops. “God this sucks!” “Here, take these drugs.”

Rave Review (Dodge and Fuski Remix) – SKisM

This is just a fun song with some really freakin’ heavy bass, a catchy synth line and some cool rhymes on top. Check it out.

Shots Fired – Dank

Got a cool Knife Party remix here. Love Labrinth, love Knife Party, love this song. Got a nice heavy beat at the beginning with some sweet lyrics, and then straight into the wobs! Check it out.

Last Time (Knife Party Remix) – Labrinth

I’ve been a big fan of Kill The Noise ever since I saw him open for Feed Me, and this is a pretty awesome remix of Must Be The Feeling that slows it down, chills it out, and still manages to be absolutely awesome. Make sure you turn up your subwoofer or you’re gonna miss some awesome low sounds, especially right before the drop!

Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix) – Nero

One more track from Kill The Noise before we move on. This one is a bit faster, and absolutely awesome. It’s a remix of Porter Robinson’s Spitfire. Someone once said “dubstep is like an autotuned drum solo,” and I think this applies well to this song. It’s very rhythmic; it just makes you want to move. Enjoy it!

Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix) – Porter Robinson

This song isn’t particularly new either, but it’s an absolute blast to listen to and it’d be a shame if anyone missed out. Caspa is not new to the dubstep scene by a long shot, but he teams up with Subscape on this tune to deliver something absolutely awesome. Don’t listen to this on some crappy Apple earbuds, you need a good subwoofer to really appreciate this one! Especially when it cuts out and the bass just… flies.

Geordie Racer – Caspa & Subscape

This is… just a great song. I love Sub Focus, I love Rusko. It’s a match made in heaven. Nice bass lines, catchy riffs. Just fun to listen to.

Hold On (Sub Focus Remix) – Rusko feat. Amber Coffman

Out the Blue by Sub Focus is a really good song, and there have been many good remixes as well. Here is my favorite dubsteppy one.

Out the Blue (Xilent Remix) – Sub Focus

This one isn’t really dubstep, but who said I can’t put some other stuff into this post too? This is probably my favorite Out the Blue remix. If you love House music, I think you’re gonna dig this.

Out the Blue (Laidback Luke Remix) – Sub Focus

The last few tracks on here come from a personal favorite artist of mine, Delta Heavy. DH should have been on here ages ago; they’re making some of the best DnB and Dubstep songs right now. They just came out with an EP, Down the Rabbit Hole, and I heartily recommend you check it out. I won’t be posting any of the stuff on that EP on here because it’s not up for free, but here’s some remixes they’ve done in the past.

This one’s pretty old, but it remains one of my favorites. I got really sick of Nero remixes after that Kill The Noise one burned me out, but this takes the song to a new level. I love it.

Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) – Nero

This one is more recent. Cool little remix of Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah’s R.I.P. I noticed that it uses one specific sound that’s pretty similar to the one in the Must Be The Feeling Remix, but I am pleased to report that they did not rely on that one cool sound in their EP. Check it out!

R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix) – Rita Ora (feat. Tinie Tempah)

BONUS: As if this post wasn’t long enough. Since I just love pimping my favorite groups, check out this sweet music video of Get By from Delta Heavy’s new EP!


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