Fear Not the Dubstep XXXVIII

May 17, 2012

It’s Thursday! Three exams down, one paper to go, then it’s party time. But I thought I’d help out anyone looking for some bass in the meantime. So here we go.

Let’s start off with something fun, I could certainly use that. High Rankin made this song in order to vent some feelings he has. But he’s not bitter, really. The bit comparing YouTube and SoundCloud really hit home for me. I hate it when people do that. Enjoy the fun poked at annoying people and the wobs all over the place.

Fuck You Virtual DJ – High Rankin / Or from SoundCloud

Next up, Stephen Walking delivers some intense wobbage and filth. This track is off of the latest Monstercat compilation. I enjoy how the tune moves in and out of tropical instruments and electronic synths. Check it out.

Birthday Cake – Stephen Walking / Or from Bandcamp

And now for some nostalgia. Hugs&Drugs turn the Killers’ classic into an excellent drumstep track. The beat breaks down into bass for the chorus. It’s great. Give it a listen for yourself.

Mr. Brightside (Hugs&Drugs Remix) – the Killers / Or from SoundCloud

We’re going to take a step back with this track and relax the mood a bit. Dylan Sanders & Brad Lee have a very chilled out track to share. The flute and breakbeat just makes you want to dance and the vocals are just as catchy. The dubstep interludes just seem to make sense. Check it out!

The Nosebleed Section (Dylan Sanders & Brad Lee Remix) – Hilltop Hoods / Or from SoundCloud

I posted Logic the other day so when I saw this remix I was in a very receptive mood. Turns out that really wouldn’t have mattered. The Feature Cuts remix is so good that I would have blogged it no matter what mood I was in. The beat is driving and bass filled which lends urgency to Logic’s already intense verses. Enjoy it!

Just Another Day (Feature Cuts Remix) – Logic / Or from SoundCloud

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